Pollyanna meets the Blogiverse

…. 3 …. 2 …. 1 ….

The blog is launched. Houston, the blog is launched.

 This is going to be a knitblog. Also a quiltblog. Also the random tangents of two friends with way too much dirt on each other to ever let the friendship die.

 We’ll probably have a little firespinning and Burning Man-related stuff in here. Just pick out what you like and leave the rest.

I’m Anna-Liza, and Lyda will post her own introduction as soon as she realizes the blog is up and running. She’s a grad student, single mom, and working full-time into the bargain, so it could be a while.

I am a not-single mom, working, and knitting whenever I can sit still for a few minutes with my hands free. Don’t get a lot done some weeks, but I make up for it by reading lots of knitblogs and downloading patterns the number of which, if I have to knit all of them before I die, pretty much guarantees I’ll live to be 164 or so.

I’m mid-forties, short, a little pudgy ’round the middle but still look pretty good with clothes on. Oldest child 21, youngest 3. Don’t look at me like that–there are only four of them, two to a marriage. My husband and two oldest children are firespinners. I’m an educated fire show audience member.

Lyda and I met in college, had a lot of adventures, ended up in different parts of the country, and are still best friends after … well, you know my age, so I might as well ‘fess up. 26 years. When we realized that we’d let year 25 go by without celebrating, we decided we’d better come up with some reason to stay in touch more often. Then I went and addicted her to blog-reading, and well, now another blog has been born. Overpopulation may be a problem, but we’re hoping to make this one a keeper.

 She isn’t a knitter yet, but she will be assimilated.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna meets the Blogiverse

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