Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Temptations of Spring

Remember Spring Break?  When for one whole long glorious week, you didn’t have to go to school, and the weather was nice enough to run around outside, or sit under a tree and read?  Whatever happened to that?

My son, the Sith Master, has had his best friend over this week because they are on Spring Break.  It has been really hard to make myself get up and go to school, I mean, work this week.  I’d rather sit and play video games with them.  Because I’m really 12.  Or maybe 5.

Spring has come to my little garden sanctuary.  I live near the coast in Southern California, and the weather is pretty nice all year long.  So who would think that spring would make a difference?  But, oh, it does.

The tree has bright green leaves unfurling, and even a lavender flower or two already.  In a month, it will be covered with flowers.  I’m not really a lavender kinda gal, but I inherited this tree.  Because it is too big for the three-foot space between the eves of the house and the fence, this tree has been ruthlessly hacked by vicious gardeners in the past.  It is therefore gnarled and twisted, and yet beautiful in its struggle. 

Last spring, I ripped out the wild mat of weeds under the tree, and planted lavender and pansies, and sweet peas to grow up the fence, and a small bush.  The lavender plants would prefer much more sun, and they don’t really bloom much, but I love the smell of lavender that comes wafting up when I water them.  Of course, the sweet peas are long gone, and so are the pansies. 

The bush has dark green leaves and unusual red flowers.  I like it – the flowers are like little flames.  I’ll look up its name (‘cause I saved all the tags from the plants I planted – I’m a geek) and try to post a picture.

I thought the bush was a goner last summer.  The landlord hired people to cut the hanging fronds off the neighbor’s palm tree.  I think the tree trimmers were all relatives of Francisco.  [Hi Laurie, Anna-Liza is worried I’m stalking you.]  The tree trimmers dropped the fronds on top of my little garden.  They pulled up the some of the plants in my garden when cleaning up the fronds – because palm fronds and flowers look so much alike.   The bush was mangled and one of the main branches was broken.  But it recovered, and it is now lovely and thicker than ever.  (And if you think that it was easy keeping this paragraph PG-rated, think again.  I’ve been writing about my bush.  Heh heh.  Yes, I am definitely twelve.)

My garden sanctuary needs some work before Anna-Liza gets here, and I would love to spend tomorrow buying some new plants, and then weeding and planting and generally getting muddy and One with the Earth.  But I will be at Huge Educational Institution, earning money for plants and fabric (and oh yeah, rent and food).

All I want to do in spring is sit in the garden on my comfortable bench with my feet up.  Watch the hummingbirds.  Do some hand quilting.  Sigh.  It’s off to work I go…

The other day, I saw a bunny crossing the path at work (Huge Educational Institution has lots of wild rabbits inhabiting the grounds).  It could have been the Easter Bunny herself – she was moving pretty fast and looked preoccupied.  If I see her again, I’ll ask her to deliver some warmer weather to Colorado.

I hope she left ya’ll some chocolate eggs.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Temptations of Spring

  1. antim

    First, if I had any sense, I’d stalk Laurie in a crazy way, but I’m trying to be subtle about it.

    Second, Anna-Liza! VBD (known as Nameless Knitting Sprite in some cultures)! Hi! It’s me, Marin! Stalking you! Thanks for linking me on your blog. I still get a kick out of seeing my name in print, don’t ya know.

    Just that kind of dork.

    I’m going to go read your whole site now. I’ll be back.

  2. lyda Post author

    AntiM – Busy reading your whole site now, wanting to comment on every single post. I am your New Best Friend! Snarf! You funny!

    Now I have to stalk you AND Laurie… busy busy busy…


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