Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and Crazy Aunt Purl

Oh geez. I better post something for all you folks coming here from Laurie’s site! I still don’t have photos–the ones I took, I have to find the cable for the camera to upload. I’m so very organized, you see. And the ones Laurie took, well, she’s been too busy to email them to me. As you can see, if you’ve read her most recent posts. (Yay, Laurie!)

When I got to L.A., it was warm and very windy, and my allergies went into overdrive. I was a snotty mess. And then I found out Lyda had been ill and wasn’t quite up to driving from Orange County at rush hour (shame on you, Lyda, for not telling me you were sick!) So I used the links Laurie had sent me to figure out bus schedules and eventually got on a bus to her SnB. It was even the right bus and everything! But it was about half an hour later than the one I had intended to catch.

I went from a pretty nice neighborhood (Little Tokyo) through some pretty scary-looking parts of L.A. and back into a nice neighborhood again. The folks on the bus were all just fine–nothing at all scary or intimidating happened. I was just glad that some of those stops weren’t my stop. There was graffiti on the trees, people! For some reason, that blows my mind more than anything else in L.A.

Got to the place, found the knitters (there were lots and lots of knitters), found Laurie, got a great big hug. She’s a terrific hugger, I tell you what! (I’m just guessing here, but it appears to me that in some parts, folks do not greet by hugging? Even if they sorta kinda know each other through mutual friends or, say, reading each others’ blogs? Seems kind of unfriendly to me.)

Not only did I meet Laurie, I met Faith and Jennifer somebody else and someone else and I don’t remember who all else. I mean, I remember them, but not their names. Someone was hand quilting something lovely and orange and green on a cream background. Another (Jessica) was knitting a rag rug out of strips cut from old T-shirts (I must try that!) And there was charming Frank, who was working on Clapotis in bamboo. I will just say, I am going to have to get my hands on some bamboo and make a summer top out of it.

But not Clapotis. I understand half the blogosphere is knitting it or has knit it, but I don’t get the attraction. I’m apparently flawed in some fashion. My friend Ms. English Hotcar did Clapotis, and I should mention she completely doesn’t understand my obsession with socks. So I guess there are just bits of the knitting universe that are blind spots for each of us! (Like there are some people who don’t like chocolate). Frank’s Clapotis is loverly–I loved looking at it and touching it. (If you’re reading this blog and you don’t know what Clapotis is, then get your mind out of the gutter and follow the link!)

Anyway, Laurie is sweet and funny in person as well as in print (think I mentioned that), and totally didn’t let on that she is a Published Author. Or About-to-be-published. That. The girl can keep a secret.

The socks she was admiring? They were the Embossed Leaves socks from Interweave Knits (Winter 2005). They’re also in this book, which is on my covet list. I made them in Brown Sheep Wildefoote, in a nice lavender–don’t have the ball band handy for the actual name of the colorway. I’m pretty happy with them.

So I ate Brazilian barbecue (sublime), joked with Laurie and Frank about the hottie cashier at the Brazilian barbecue place, knit some on my shawl (from Vogue Knitting Fall 2005), and had a generally great time. Unfortunately, since I was so late getting on the bus (which was a 40 minute ride) I was only there for a bit over an hour, which is entirely too short a time to enjoy such good company. But Frank gave me a lift back to my hotel and even stopped by a drugstore so I could buy a toothbrush–I’d forgotten to pack mine. What a nice guy! And intelligent and artistic, too! (He’s taken. Just sayin’).

Faith took pictures of Laurie and Frank and me together. The idea is that, eventually, Laurie will email one to Frank and to me (after judicious Photoshopping) and we will all three post the same pic on our blogs. That would be good, because I’m so not a photographer type, and I’m really not so much a Photoshop person, either, so the shots I took don’t have such a great chance of turning out. Even once I’ve gotten them on the computer … although I promise, I’ll post some!

I can’t post about everything everything everything all at once. I have to get some knitting and sleeping time in (oh, and do some work and pay attention to my family), and there’s just too much to post about! Coming up in future installments of Pollyanna’s Excellent L.A. Adventure, knitting shops ( I only went to two–I had a cold!), Little Tokyo, sublime food experiences, walking the labyrinth, hanging out with my girlfriends.


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