Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Gets Assimilated

Lyda here.  I have been assimilated!  I finished knitting up the first yarn I’ve ever bought for knitting – the band says it’s Cedifra scarlet (see Anna-Liza’s post here for where and when).  I got two skeins on sale, and the needles were on sale too – I only spent $5.15, which I thought was appropriate for this whole knitting experiment thing.  If only I had believed the warnings about yarn being like crack…  I thought I could just give it a try, you know, just dabble.  A social knitter, ya know.  I can give it up any time I want.

This is a bulky yarn with lots of variation, so it knitted up kind of stripey which I like.  Since I only knew how to knit (not purl), I just did that until I ran out of yarn, which means it’s cable stitch (look, I’m learning the terms, but I’m just blending in, I’m not obsessed or anything.)  [Okay, correction: it’s not cable stitch, it’s garter stitch.] This project didn’t come out big enough to be anything – not long enough for a scarf or even a table runner.  Still trying to decide if I save it as my first project or tink it and do a hat or a skinny scarf or something.

Despite my pain and doctor’s orders to take it easy, I went to Michael’s and bought more yarn and needles to keep me on the couch and occupied during my illness.  (Let’s just not talk about the illness and work; it’s just too depressing.)

Since I am a beginning knitter (and cheap thrifty), I bought 4 skeins of fairly inexpensive yarn,  Caron Black Magic in the Violet Sky colorway.  This is a 50/50 blend of wool and acrylic, soft enough for my hands to deal with.  And another set of 10″ circular needles.  And a book “Learn to Knit in Just One Day” by Jean Leinhauser.  Which I picked because it was right there and on discount and the store was about to close.  What?  I needed to know how to cast on and how to bind off, and I like having a book in front of me instead of trying to follow it on the Internet.  But it’s not like I’m hooked or anything.  I could give it up any time I want.

So, from the book I learned to purl, and I am knitting and purling my way through the yarn in what I now know is the stockinette stitch. 

I’m already halfway through my second skein.

So, okay. 

My name is Lyda, and I’m a knitting junkie.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Gets Assimilated

  1. annaliza

    Actually, it’s garter stitch. Cable is that twisty thing I was doing with that hook-shaped needle on the cream-colored sock … but you’ll be cabling in no time, I’m sure of it!

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