Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Is on the TeeVee

No, really! Well, Pollyanna is glimpsed on the teevee, along with her Very Beautiful Daughter, also known as the Nameless Knitting Sprite. (She’d rather not have her name posted. I’m leaning toward calling her NKS from now on, thanks to Marin).

So, 9 News had cameras at the Tattered Cover when the Yarn Harlot came to town. They’ve posted both the story as shown on the news and pretty much the full interview (only roughly edited). NKS and I are seen in the crowd shots in the news story. I’m wearing a long-sleeved cream colored shirt with an orange knitted vest over it. In one shot, I’m taking a photo of the crowd. NKS is glimpsed several times, as well. Those who know what she looks like, you’ll spot her. I’ll have to ask her if she wants me to ID her any more positively than that. I spotted Marin in the audience shots, too.

Kelly, the woman who arranged the massive pizza delivery, is the one in the lavender sweater who talks on camera about converting people in her class to knitting–yay, (currently blogless) Kelly!

However, of more interest to the general knitter who doesn’t have a personal interest in me and mine, is the full interview–it’s very enjoyable. Yes, there are some dumb questions (yes, there are too dumb questions) and some of it we’ve heard before — but it’s still the Yarn Harlot, and we loves her.


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Is on the TeeVee

  1. antim

    Cool! A friend of a friend (celebrity — the great equaliser) called last night to say she saw me knitting on the news. Just for a split second, mind you, but on TiVi, nonetheless.

    NKS is far more telegenic than I. They should probably just feature her as the face of knitting.

  2. KarenM.

    Hey I used up like 7 seconds of my 15 minutes of fame!!! Thanks for the lovely post, I love how you are able to remember practically everyone and their names, and loser me can’t remeber anybody’s name… But I remember everything they were knitting!!!
    Thanks for the link to the story, that wasn’t up yet when I found the link to the interview 🙂

  3. Dawn

    Thank you for the links to Stephanie’s interview! I’ve only caught one of her appearances right after her 2nd book, but the place was crowded and small, so I really didn’t get to hear or see much. She is such a great person, and those reporters really didn’t get it, especially the sock.

  4. Red

    Hi AL! Say hi to the offspring for me! I just bought the dye kit on HelloYarn.com and am spinning the top that comes with it to dye and have fun with. Yeah!


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