Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Shops and Eats

Hi, Anna-Liza here again.

So, where were we? Saturday? Yes, indeed, Saturday two weeks ago. How time flies when … well, it just flies.

Saturday was a busy day, indeed. I’ll try to make this brief, only lingering where I must to convey the full experience. You want the full experience, don’t you? I knew you did.

Lyda had other commitments that day, so Ms. EH and I were on our own. (Lyda had generously loaned us her super-detailed map. I made much better use of it this time). We headed to a little shopping area near our hotel. First, it was the Marukai Market, where I loaded up on Japanese candy and other goodies for my kids. There were these little, hollow chocolate eggs with toys inside that turned out to be the biggest hits, but also jelly candies, Thomas the Tank Engine and Hello Kitty candies (the last for NKS), candied ginger and fruit, crackers wrapped in seaweed … I had a pretty well-filled bag when I walked out of there. I was fascinated by the tiny eyebrow razors, but I restrained myself.

Then we went to a place called Tokyo Lifestyle, which seemed to cater both to tourists and the local Japanese population. The front of the store was souvenir-y, but more than half of the place carried small household goods like storage containers and nail clippers and eyebrow razors, that sort of thing. More souvenirs, including Totoro banks, but the big score for me was this:  Cute small project bag   There were four left in the store. I bought all of them. They are exactly the perfect size for one sock project, or something else that’s small with DPNs or a circular. The logos are from something called Nohohon Park (all I get on Google are eBay sites). It’s far cuter than I usually can stand, but this was a case of instant, overwhelming lust. I got one for NKS, one for Ms EH, one for the proprietor of my recently-closed LYS, and one for me. If they’d had more, I would have bought more. They cost about a buck fifty each!

The other shopping exploring for the day was mixed. We went to a very cool bookstore called Family, on Fairfax, which made me feel very bourgeois, indeed, visited more cool places I can’t exactly remember (wish I’d taken more photos), and Ms. EH found a beautiful bag at Dean, something absolutely perfect for her that she can’t get in Colorado, and we strolled around some great areas, and drove a lot. We passed this street a couple of times, and I wonder why there are no yarn stores there? Argyle Avenue

And, we went to Knit Cafe.  The website has much better photos than I got. It’s tiny, lovely, and had Lantern Moon Sox Stix, which I want badly but didn’t buy, since I’d snagged a set of Lantern Moon straights at half price the day before. (Call me Captain Willpower!) I did buy two skeins of Regia Color sock yarn, in a colorway I hadn’t seen before (5441), because that’s pretty much what I could afford. I may make Fish Mittens out of it, rather than socks, though.

I wish to point out here that I only went to two LYSes while I was in L.A. Most of Saturday, my allergies had morphed into a cold, but I also was thinking of my budget. I pretty much tried to stay out of stores where I would be compelled tempted to buy stuff (which is why I didn’t go into a really cool looking soap store).

Okay, I have to tell you about Canter’s Deli. Oh. My. God. Canter’s.

It’s across the street from Family, the bookstore. We got there Saturday after the lunch rush and before dinner. Big place, with a deli, bakery, bar and restaurant. Big, big menu. Retro late-60s decor … which is original, not redone to be cute.

I had the Ultimate French Dip Experience there folks! I was expecting the food to be good, and I ordered simple because that’s what I was in the mood for, but I did not expect a taste of heaven on a Formica wood-grain-look table! And the side of fries, which had been whole, fresh potatoes that morning, was perfect. I couldn’t finish the whole thing (unless they offered a nap room for afters), but man, did I want to!

Unless you’re a vegetarian, and if you live &/or work anywhere in, say, 50 miles of the place, get thy mouth to Canter’s and eat. MMmmmmmm ….

Sorry, drifted off into a reverie there … anyway, Sunday morning I packed up my stuff, we drove to the Anaheim Convention Center where Ms. EH had a work-related activity to attend, and we said goodbye. I wandered around the perimeter of the place for about 5 or 10 minutes before Lyda found me, and we headed to her place. Oddly enough, no knitting took place! We didn’t have a lot of time before we headed to LAX (yes, she could have met me in L.A. and hung out, but I wanted to see her place), so she showed me around, we ate lunch (Jack in the Box, not so much the Ultimate Burger Experience, but it worked), she showed me her progress on the kidlets’ quilts, and then we headed back to LAX. We made it, I made my flight, everything went smoothly, and when I got home, Darlin’ K came driving up just moments after I walked out the door at DIA.

Unfortunately, he didn’t see me and drove into the parking lot (3 bucks) before I could flag him down, but hey. I was glad to see him and the kidlets (who were fast asleep), we got to have an uninterrupted reunion kiss, and then … home. Wow. The trip was wonderful, and I really needed a major break like that. (Thank you, Ms. English Hotcar, for making this possible!)

And home feels very, very good.


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