Pollyanna and the Frog Prince

Lyda again.

So, Thursday night I frogged the whole three skeins of yarn I had done on my second-ever project. The Evil Curling Stockinette was just too much for me.  Plus, I only had one more skein of yarn, and it was going to end up as another Random Rectangular Thing. Too big for a stereo cozy, not big enough for a table.

I’m going to start again, and cast on fewer stitches.  I’m also going to follow Jane’s advice, and do 3 rows stockinette then 2 rows garter and repeat.  That will defeat the Evil Curling Stockinette! Hah!

The Prince? With this much frog, there must be a prince somewhere, right?


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Frog Prince

  1. Vicky in Vancouver

    Saw your comment on CAP re PEI & Green Gables & WWI homefront. Thot you might be interested in this: http://shaxophile.blogspot.com/

    Also – my mother-in-law was a cousin of L M Montgomery, and when we lived in Halifax, we used to rent a seaside cabin on the north shore of PEI for summer vacation. I had grown up (in Ontario) completely entranced by Anne & her adventures, and to see the locations in person & think of my dear mother-in-law – well, it was truly a trip. Graham’s Pond was the Lake of Shining Waters, Cavendish was Avonlea, and it all just felt like home, the first time I went there.

    If you think you would like to go there, you will love it. Good luck!

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