Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Busy, Busy Weekends

Hey there, Anna-Liza here.

So last weekend was The Baby Weekend. The kidlets, Darlin’ K and I went to a friend’s baby blessing and barbeque (they grilled lamb and veggies, not baby, promise!) And the next day I went to a baby shower for DK’s cousin-in-law. I was sort of worried, since I don’t know his cousin-in-law very well and I’m always sort of awkward and weird at parties where I don’t know people, but it turned out great. I got to visit with DK’s aunt for a long time, and I love her to pieces. Also, at one point we were watching CIL open her ginormous pile of gifts, and four of us at one time were crafting–two knitters, one crocheter, and one needlepointer. I was trying to finish the baby hat that went with the kimono I’d wrapped and added to the pile, and one lady was crocheting a baby blanket, and one was needlepointing (or maybe cross-stitching, but it looked more like canvas than muslin) a pretty thing for the baby as well. The other person, who sat next to me, was knitting a sock using Magic Loop and a Cherry Tree Hills yarn that was just beautiful. She is, apparently, relatively recently married into the family, and it was so nice to sit next to another knitter in a gathering of relative strangers! DK’s mom was there, too–we didn’t get quite as long a visit, but I get to see her a little more often than his aunt, so I’m sure we’ll get all caught up soon.

 So anyway, got nothing done of a practical nature around the house last weekend. Next weekend looks like the same. DK and I would really like to go to this party/dance thing on Friday night, providing we can get sitters. A very dear friend is having a big birthday party Saturday night. A new friend has just invited me to her birthday party on Sunday afternoon (wine and knitting? How can I resist?). And, because I’m a doofus and didn’t check my calendar or with DK first, I volunteered to do some stuff for a workshop on Saturday that will mean I will get to my good friend’s party late, if at all.

So will we get stuff done this weekend? Hm. Probably only the bare minimum. I must wash a load of delicates or I will have no undies after about Tuesday. And I’d dearly love to weed out the tiny flowerbeds and maybe even get some annuals planted. But it’s Memorial Day weekend in the Boulder/Denver area, so that means …

The friends who had the baby-blessing-BBQ have invited us to a just-plain-BBQ on Saturday, and it sounds really relaxed and nice, so we’re going. And I really want to take my kids to the Boulder Creek Festival–it’s so much fun. There’s a kid-oriented area with a train ride and art booths, there’s an Art Tent, there’s a carnival area with a Ferris Wheel and such (not that you’ll ever see me get on a Ferris Wheel–I’m petrified of heights that move. Except for airplanes). And there’s the Rubber Duck Race on Monday.

Unfortunately, also on Monday there is this big Boulder event: the Bolder Boulder. It’s way cool, but it complicates things like traffic and parking and stuff. A lot of my friends have run in it. I haven’t, but then I don’t really get the whole “sweating on purpose” thing. And they don’t get the “playing with string for hours” thing. So we just don’t comment.

I finished the baby hat, all but weaving in the ends, last night. Ms. English Hotcar took a photo while it wasn’t quite done–I’ll post it when she sends it to me. Next deadline is the thingy I’m knitting for the friend whose birthday party I am now afraid of missing. And then maybe I’ll have the luxury of finishing a few of those WIPs that have been on the needles for (mumble mumble mumble).


One thought on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Busy, Busy Weekends

  1. Red

    Personally I feel mass running without something with big nashing teeth behind them is TRUE madness. Of course, this from the gal who totes a wheel around with her and bought a crock pot just for dying.


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