Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Knits and Battles the Endless Homework – Round 2!

Lyda here. Actually, it feels like Round #475,671. I guess that’s about right, since I’m coming up on the end of the spring quarter of school, and almost the end of the first year. Wow, almost halfway to my masters degree. I’d get all pumped up, but I just had a conversation with my brother the Wonderful-and-Available Engineer who is about to start work on his PhD. We believe in education in our family. I’m the last one to get a masters, as a matter of fact. Hey, I was busy raising my son the Sith Master before. But he’s 16 and (gulp) almost driving, so he can rule the Universe with the Dark Side of the Force without me now. (Actually, I’m on the Light Side myself, really. I don’t know how this whole Sith thing happened, but I blame the cat. It’s always the cat’s fault, yes?)

I’ve almost got the Endless Homework defeated again (although it certainly will rise again, ya’ll).  Enough that I looked around my apartment for the first time in a couple of weeks – scary, ya’ll! I’ve got a lot of stuff that needs doing, from cleaning and organizing, to writing my book reviews, to dealing with the bills, to finally planting the plants I bought a month ago for the garden.

So of course instead I sat and knitted last night for an hour or so on the Bumpy Stripe Scarf (newly named by the Sith Master, who said last night, “But it’s got bumpy stripes.”). It is two rows garter stitch, then stockinette stitch for 3 repeats, then two rows knitting. (Knit two rows; knit a row & purl a row x3; repeat.) (Hey, my second pattern! Although this is really Jane‘s pattern.) The garter stitch rows are the bumpy stripes. This is Jane’s solution to my frustration with the Evil Curling Stockinette.

This scarf is still on its first skein of yarn with 3 more to go, and I’m not sure I’m likin’ it because the edges are still a bit curly. Last night I thought, maybe I should just frog it and then garter stitch the damn thing. But how many times can you frog the same yarn? I mean, it’s going to disintegrate at some point, right? Or decompose back into its component fibers. So I am perservering.

Like little Natalie Wood, I’m repeating as I knit, “I believe, I believe, it’s stupid, but I believe….” It worked in Miracle on 42nd Street, so this will work for the Bumpy Stripe Scarf.

And if I really don’t like it when I’m done…

well, I can always frog it again…

Ribbit ribbit.


6 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Knits and Battles the Endless Homework – Round 2!

  1. Anna-Liza

    Yes, with enough frogging it will eventually disintegrate, but if you frog gently it should hold up a little longer. To prevent the edges curling, you could do about 5 stitches on each edge in garter stitch. You don’t have to do the entire row in stockinette!

  2. lyda Post author

    Well, NOW you tell me. Okay, I will try that on the next rows and see how it works… and then might have to frog what I’ve done and start over again… but I’m liking the bumpy stripe, so I might do it again… sigh… back to homework…

  3. Kelly

    That’s really cool about school Lyda. I toss the phd thing around in the back of my head every year or two, but I’m pretty sure my brain has atrophied past the point of return. I think I’ll just learn to knit better instead.

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