Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Sets Some Goals

Hey, Anna-Liza here.

I was skimming through the WordPress Tag Surfer page and I saw knitintensity had an entry about a contest, which is to be found at Skeins Her Way. It requires one to set some summer knitting goals, which I had been sorta kinda thinking of anyway.

May 31st is the contest deadline, I’m afraid, so I’m getting in at the very last minute, and you may be reading this too late to enter, but, as I write this, it’s not midnight anywhere in the U.S. yet!

So, goals! You know, I’ve never been great at setting goals. When I set them, I tend to get distracted by all the stuff that happens on the way to getting there. And I always feel like a failure when I don’t make them. Especially if they are time-related!

Okay, yeah, set some goals.

1. I will finish my friend’s birthday present on time. That means by this Saturday evening. It’s going to be tight–I’ve modified the pattern enough to create a fair bit of extra work. However, I think it will be much better this way.

2. I will finish my Lace Wrap before September 1st. This sounds like a lot of time for the amount of work left, but it’s a lot of wool to have in my lap on hot days.

3. I will finish my current pair of cabled socks. I’ve got the second one on the needles, but I’m in danger of SSS if I don’t get moving on them soon.

4. I will pick one of the summer tops I’ve been considering and get it swatched and on the needles. I’m not quite willing to say I’ll get it finished in time to wear this summer, but at least I’ll get it finished by the end of summer. Probably oughta stick to tank tops to meet this one!

5. I will get the Backyard Leaves scarf done. Ms. English Hotcar has already finished two (TWO!!) in the time I’ve gotten a quarter done on mine!

 Okay, I think that’s plenty. I’m feeling a little light-headed now; maybe I should go for a nice lie-down.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Sets Some Goals

  1. cpaley

    When I see everyone else’s lists of goals, it makes me glad I stuck to socks and blogging! I’m lazy that way 🙂


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