Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Survives the Weekend …

 … just.

Anna-Liza here. If I hadn’t survived the weekend, it would probably have been a reasonably pleasant way to go. I was spending a lot of time doing stuff I really love to do. Then again, I was also spending a lot of time driving, and not a whole lot sleeping … so on the whole, I’d rather be here now. (Hey! What a cool idea for a bumper sticker!)

Lessee, Friday Ms. English Hotcar picked me up from work and we went to Posh to join Sylvia and crew for First Friday Artwalk down on Tennyson. First Friday happens in several locations around the Denver area, and it’s a really pleasant tradition.

Red was there, as was Marin, and I met several others there, too. However, the only name I remember is Meg’s! We sat outside the store and knit and drank and ate little lemon and strawberry tarts (a little dangerous to combine with fibers, but yummy). In Red’s case, she sat and spun. It truly freaked the muggles. One guy was amazed that spinning wheels are still made. Another started to tell her how she could do it faster by motorizing the wheel … she shot him down gently explained the point of handspinning before he got too far with that.

The woman has style. She was spinning in stiletto heels.

After a fair bit of pleasant knitting and conversation, Darlin’ K came to get me (after having left the kidlets with his folks for the weekend, woohoo!) and we went to the Bluebird Theater for the Kan’nal show. They had a DJ whose name I unfortunately have forgotten to start things off, then an Australian group called Ganga Giri–excellent, thoughtful, even funny dance music. They said it was their first time in Denver, and I hope they come back.

Darlin’ K and I both really enjoy Kan’nal.This show was up to their usual excellent standards–and, while I’m not snooty or excessively picky, I’m no pushover. Just go check the website. I will say that their recorded music doesn’t quite capture the magic of their live shows–they are very much worth seeing if you get the chance.

After the show, we went for our traditional (back before we had kids) eggs & hashbrowns & chicken fried steak after-show meal (mmm!) and got home around 3 a.m.; I didn’t wake up until 11. I had to be in Boulder by 5:30 to assist at a little workshop my spiritual group, MSIA, was putting on. And then, when that was done (nearly 10 p.m.) I drove clear out to Red & Jerry’s in Englewood to attend my dear friend Margaji’s birthday party. I finished her gift, a knitted purse, at the party! I don’t have photos now, but we took some and she and her husband said they’ll email them to me, so I’ll show off show you what it looks like later.

That party involved dancing and a little drinking and, well, some karaoke. I did Janis Joplin’s Mercedes Benz, if you’re interested. One of our friends won my respect by taking on Unchained Melody. He hit it, too, every note! We got home by about 1:45, but this morning I had to be up by 8, so I could leave for Boulder by 9:15, to assist at another MSIA event … and then I went to Red’s birthday party! (She is not the same Red as the Red & Jerry’s Red. No idea who that guy is). That brought me back to the Tennyson neighborhood again! After a pleasant afternoon with more wine, lots of tasty tapas (say that five times fast, after a martini!), and a lovely Chocolate Oblivion I was given “to go” because I had to leave early, I headed home, took over with the kids (delivered by their grandparents earlier in the day), and now they are watching a movie, eating chicken and mac & cheese (the box kind, I’m no June Cleaver, baby!), and DK and Number One Son have gone to Confluence Park in Denver for the spin jam. Um, that’s where a bunch of firespinners get together to show off try new tricks and practice with each other. A lot of nonspinners usually show up to watch, too, but entertainment isn’t the point of the exercise.

Phew! Now I should go eat something myself and start wrangling pushing easing the kids toward bedtime. For me too! (Doncha think?) And, in case you are considering being envious of my social life, keep in mind that a good three quarters of the time I pretty much have none outside of knit night. So there.


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Survives the Weekend …

  1. Marin

    My best contribution here is to speculate the Red of “Red & Jerry’s” is former Denver Broncos football coach Red Miller. I think I may even be right about that.

  2. Anna-Liza

    Wow, Marin, do you know everything? If we ever play Trivial Pursuit, I wanna be on your team. And yes, Red, no casualties is always a good thing–I don’t care for blood as a natural fiber dye. To Kelly and Lyda, it was busy, it was fun, it was very tiring.


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