Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Is a Goddess (Ask Me How!)

Anna-Liza here. 

‘K, I wasn’t going to post today, but I ran across this in one of my idle moments:

You Are Artemis!

Brave, and a natural born leader.
You’re willing to fight for what you believe in…
And willing to make tough decisions.
Don’t forget – the people around you have ideas too!

What Goddess Are You?

So have fun with it! I have to say, I’m a little surprised at “who” I “am”.

In other news, DK (and possibly Number One Son) will be auditioning for a summer-long paying fire gig tonight. Let’s all cross our fingers that (a) they get hired and (b) the schedule is doable! I don’t want to say any more, I might jinx it.


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Is a Goddess (Ask Me How!)

  1. lyda

    Hmmm, this will come as no surprise to Anna-Liza!

    You Are Psyche!

    Eternally in search of purpose and insight.
    You’re curious and creative with a total sense of wonder.
    Totally empathetic, you pick up on other’s moods easily.
    Just be sure to pamper yourself as well!

    What Goddess Are You?

  2. jane

    Your son’s name is DK? So is mine! I’ve never met another one. However,my daughter Jeni married a DB which does tend to make things a little confusing, especially since DK is dating a Jen. DO you think they are trying to drive me crazy?

  3. annaliza Post author

    Hi Jane,
    No, DK is my husband, and that’s his blog moniker (“Darlin’ K”), not his real name. I have been avoiding using real names on the blog except for people who already use their names on their own blogs, or people who are famous or have told me that it’s okay.

  4. KarenM.

    Fire gig 🙂 LOL I totally love it !

    I actually used to do Casa Bonita and I learned to juggle fire there, fun stuff, fire 🙂

    I with him (them) luck! If, of course, they do get a fire gig, we want more info !!!!


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