Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine’s Life Is Much More Exciting Than Yours

Hi, Anna-Liza here. And I should probably own up to the fact that the snarky Paris H. post was mine … not that I have any regrets.

So WWKIP day was almost a washout for me–I didn’t get down to Posh for their KIP event until it was almost over! However, I did go next door to the little cafe (I’ve forgotten the name, sorry!) with the kids and KIP’d there for a bit, while they had a snack. I KIP so often, though, that it’s sort of funny I’d do so little on the official world holiday!

What was I doing besides knitting? Nothing really interesting. I finally got to get my whole bathroom clean, and also tackled the kitchen and living room. Just the basics. I did, also, get a start on organizing my stash. I moved all my patterns and my binder full of circular needles and DPNs into my big filing cabinet. Now, I need to actually organize the yarn itself! I even have a cheap spindle and some roving that I’m using to attempt to teach myself handspinning, but I’m not holding my breath. I need a good solid stretch of time to do that, without interruptions. SO not going to happen anytime soon!

Darlin’ K spent the weekend working on getting our remodel project done. We’re turning half of our two-car garage into a home office for him. His dad came up and worked on it with him, and they got a lot done. Yay home office!

Mr. R (also known as Thing 1) started his summer day camp last week, and seems to like it a lot. They have a field trip every week! I want to go to day camp! Is there one for grownups? With field trips to coffee shops, bookstores, and LYS’s?

Today he starts swimming lessons, about which he is less than enthusiastic. I can’t say I blame him–they do the lesons first thing in the morning, and these freaky Coloradans don’t seem to have any idea about heated swimming pools! I can’t imagine getting into a cold pool at 8:30 in the morning, poor little guy. But I really want him to learn to swim. (I learned in SoCal, where the pools are never freezing cold and they are just everywhere. I spent the summers of my whole childhood in and around swimming pools. Which may have something to do with the fact that now I can’t be around chlorinated pools or use chlorine bleach without feeling like there are large rocks piled on my chest).

Mr. B (Thing 2, obviously) starts at a new daycare today. It’s bigger than what he’s used to, but they have an excellent rep for kindergarten preparedness, and it’s a whole lot closer to our house–within walking distance–so we’re hoping he’ll take to it. He’s a social little guy, so I think he’ll like having more kids to play with.

I am very excited about getting some new (to me) knitting books! Frank is clearing out his library (scroll down to the “Cleaning House” post), and I’m getting such a deal on Knitting in Plain English (the one I’m getting is the earlier edition),  Folk Socks, and The Green Mountain Spinnery … something or other … book. I have checked that book out of the library I dunnamany times now, and I can still not remember the full title! (Okay, now that I’ve searched for it to get the link, I see that the missing word is “Knitting”. So there you go–it’s obviously too complicated for my wee brain). But there are some great basic sweater patterns in it, including at least one that Darlin’ K likes. And I really, really want to knit him a sweater. It’s safe now that we’re married, isn’t it?


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