Pollyanna and the Frog Prince Are Now Dating

Hi, Anna-Liza here.

You know that Lace Wrap that I am thisclose to finishing? Well, now I’m more like this …  close. Just to make things clear, this is a long rectangular wrap, with borders added only at the two short ends. You picks up yer stitches and knits ’em. So anyway, I got the first border done with minimal cursing (I’m less than thrilled with the “p2tog tbl” stitch, and there’s lots), then mistakenly finished with six rows of stockinette instead of garter, so now the edge rolls in. However, I figured I’d just finish up the second border properly and then go back and fix the first one, seeing as how I’d already bound off and all. And woven in the ends. (Cue foreshadowing music).

So last night I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and decided to work a couple more rows on the second border. I was pretty near the halfway point of Row 13 (of a 27 row pattern) when I thought, “Hm, these yarnovers don’t seem to be lining up properly.” And, much counting and comparing to the chart and the first border later, I decided that there were mistakes in at least two rows, one of which was fairly early on. However, I couldn’t figure out exactly what the mistakes were, because I apparently can’t count to ten. (Hi Marin! Didn’t know we were related, didja!)

So I frogged the whole border. I decided to go back to the first border and fix the last six rows, since garter stitch is reasonably mindless and that would calm me down … but dudes, when I weave in the ends? I apparently do a really, really good job. The end is completely invisible. I pulled and tugged on both corners, every thread that could conceivably lead to an end. I inspected the purl side for telltale wisps. Could. Not. Find. The end.

Okay, so that means that, unless I get lucky when I try again, I’m going to have to snip the last stitch, which will mean I’ll have to add new yarn to finish the thing. So where would be the best place to do this? A row or two before the bind off? I just hate wasting yarn, especially nice yarn. This is Cascade 220 Heathers, colorway 2446, not scary special, but not yarn to kick out of bed, either.

After giving up on finding the end, I reknit the first two rows of the second border. It looks okay so far, but it looked okay last time, too. But, you know, get back on the horse that bit ya.

And then I thought, “Well, that was traumatic. I’ll do a couple rows of some nice, safe, dull knitting to calm my nerves.”  So I pulled out a little circular stockinette thing, a cotton bucket hat I started sometime in the last few days. (Rowan All-Seasons Cotton, a skein I picked up a while back in an orphans bin. Looks like a discontinued colorway). And I realized that either I can’t count (see above), or the numbers on the pattern are wonky, or both. So … yes! You are correct! I frogged it. Again with the horse, I cast on again for a smaller size with an easier multiple, and it looks like the numbers on the pattern are wonky, but it could still be me, too. I’ll check it all with a calculator when I’m feeling more friendly about it.

And I considered working on the garter stitch ribbon scarf I’m working on for the Christmas Preparation box (Lion Brand Incredible, colorway Copper Penny, on sale at Michael’s for $2/ball), but I figured I’d just end up frogging that, too, so I went to bed.

But I might frog it anyway (the scarf), and do it in stockinette with garter stitch borders. I’m not so sure I like the all-garter, all the time look for this one.

Ribbit, ribbit.


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Frog Prince Are Now Dating

  1. Kelly

    I have found that the farthest I can get is 6! But that’s only on a good day! That little bag I made? Ya know, that one that was SO easy? Ih ad to redo the picking up stitches part FOUR (good thing I’m not Marin) countem, FOUR times for the second one!!

    You’d THINK that the second time around would at the very LEAST be as easy as the first time. Apparently not. Good grief.

  2. Red

    Yeah, I started knitting the wedding present and then the groom called back to say just kidding, the measurements for the wife were wrong. Have to start all over. Boys are stupid.


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