Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Is Abandoned by Her Friends

Hey, Anna-Liza here.

Anyway, that’s what it feels like. Ms. English Hotcar had to give up going to the Estes Park Wool Market with me because of household appliance problems/scheduling repairs problems. (She says she still might make it, but I’m not hopeful). Knitting Sprite will be in Vegas with her boyfriend. Another friend has to stay close to home because of family stuff … one friend has said she’s interested, but no confirmation yet.

And Lyda seems to be MIA, but I’m assuming she’s busy working. As I should be.

Meh. I’m going anyway. I can’t actually buy anything (don’t laugh), but I still want to go. Okay, I’ve put aside just a little and I plan to go through any bargain bins around. And maybe Marin and I will run into each other–looks like she’s planning to go. I have to go tomorrow, ’cause Sunday is Fathers’ Day and also Darlin’ K and I have promised to help a friend move.

So there.

Edited to add: Okay, I’ve got one friend who will be meeting me at lunchtime. She’s going to be looking at llamas with an eye toward buying, although she’s still in the early stages of looking. Should be fun!

Oh, Kelly, I wish you could go, too! It will be in the 80s in Estes Park, but that’s not too bad. Maybe one of these days you can come to Colorado for a June vacation!


6 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Is Abandoned by Her Friends

  1. Kelly

    Most of the knitblogs I read often tell tales of Wooly Fest events that always off to. Apparently, there is no such thing in California. I have never seen or heard of one at least in No. Cal! That is just SO unfair! I ‘spose I understand though. It’s 103 out right now. The sheep/alpaca/other wooly critters woulda keeled by now! If I were closer I’d go with you Anna-Liza!

  2. KarenM.

    So what did you buy???? I KNOW you bought SOMETHING….. I skipped this year, and went to the yarn shop instead, but I think I might actually take some time off and take a class next time, spinning is beginning to look very…. appealing 🙂

  3. Marin

    Marin missed. But it’s all OK in the end, ’cause I had to go Sunday, so we couldn’t have met up anyway. That makes me feel marginally better.

  4. lyda

    Hey, I would so have gone with you but there are all these mountains in the way! Pretty to look at but annoyingly hard to cross…

    Sorry I’ve been MIA, been working and since my temp assignment is in a cubicle, I can’t log on during the work day… um… not that any of us ever do that, right?!


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