Pollyanna Asks You to Help Annie

 … because Annie has trouble asking for help. 

Anna-Liza here.

We have a knitter in trouble, folks. If you haven’t heard, Annie Modesitt’s husband was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and the prognosis is not good.

Annie talks about it in her blog, and she has mentioned how hard it is to ask for help. However, she has allowed friends to set up an account for donations, and she is offering one of her really remarkable patterns as a “thank you”. She didn’t have to do that, of course, but I imagine she feels better offering something in return for any help she gets.

She says:

The fine print: Your donation is NOT tax deductible, it is the purchase price for this pattern.  

The money we raise with this pattern will go toward non-medical needs such as transportation to & from the Mayo clinic for Gerry & family members to care for him, mortgage and expenses while both of us are devoting our time to fighting this disease, and child care expenses for our 9 & 10 year old children, Hannah & Max.  Once again – thank you!

Please do what you can. Then go and hug everyone you love, and tell them how you appreciate them.

None of us knows how long we have left; perhaps more devastating is that none of us knows how long our loved ones will be with us.



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