Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Wishes You a Happy Summer Solstice

Hey there, Anna-Liza here.

Looks like a few people clicked through to Annie Modesitt’s website, thanks folks! I’ll mention it again periodically.

Happy Summer Solstice, everyone! How are you celebrating? (For the record, I’m not a pagan. But I’ve got a bunch of pagan friends. Also Buddhists, Jews, a couple of Muslims, and even some Christians).

Darlin’ K is going to be firespinning tonight at a solstice celebration–anyone who is in the Boulderish area, it’s at the Double Rainbow Ranch, just off the Diagonal. Lots of music, firespinning after dark, solstice fire ritual, $20 ($10 for under 25 year olds). Bring bug repellant–it doesn’t start ’til 6, so you’re okay without sunscreen. Unless you’re Ms. English Hotcar or Number One Son, that is.

I’ve started my Plain and Fancy “Heathers Colors” socks, just maybe 2 more rounds of ribbing. I’ll be using one of the 6-stitch patterns from Sensational Knitted Socks, but haven’t quite chosen between Harebell Lace and Waterfall Rib. I’ll let you know. I also got the swatch done for Mr. B’s Plain and Fancy “Forest Green” (camo colors) sweater, and I think I’ve got all the pattern adjustments done. The pattern I’m using is the Easy Raglan from The Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book, but I’m making it in sportweight and their pattern is heavy worsted, so some adjusting had to be done. I hope I got it right–I guess I’ll find out soon enough! Also, I don’t like the look of the yarnover increases, so I will be doing something else there–haven’t decided what, yet.

No WIPs have been FO’d yet. I think I’ll abandon the bucket hat for now–the yarn I was using is too soft. I’ll try it again with a stiffer cotton, like maybe Sugar ‘n’ Cream. Still haven’t gotten any further on the Lace Wrap–need some uninterrupted knitting time without distractions. Eris is still waiting for her sleeves (stockinette in the round, not exactly rocket science). The cabled socks are further along–I’m about halfway through the heel flap on the second sock. And I have been carrying around the ribbon scarf, but it’s just not calling me right now.

Knitting polyamorist, that’s me! Happy Summer!


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Wishes You a Happy Summer Solstice

  1. Kelly

    Hey Anna-Liza, the fire spinning thing sounds totally cool. If I was closer I’d go!

    I’m still just fondling my sock yarn. Haven’t started them yet. I found out about a LYS I didn’t know about, so I’m going to check them out tomorrow. Maybe I’ll look at some of them there dpns and see if they speak to me.

    Hey Lyyyyyydaaaaaaaa, where arrrrrrre yooooooooou! I’m sure yer busy, but just wanted to let you know I was missing you.

  2. lyda

    Here I am, Kelly! I’m going to post a very short post now. Anna-Liza – I celebrated Summer Solstice with a bbq lunch with new coworkers – hey, bbq is summery, right?! And an evening of saving the universe from aliens with the Sith Master. Fun!


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