Pollyanna Looks Forward to the Fair

Lyda here. Happy Almost-Fourth!

One of the cool things about summer is that it’s county fair time. I love our fair. It’s cheesy, funny, tacky, and lots of fun.

Pie Eating Contests

Don’t you love that there are things like pie-eating contests? A prize for eating the most the fastest? How weird is that?

When we were kids, we went to the fair every year. I remember very vividly the time I rode an elephant. I got to sit in the front, and I actually touched her! Her skin was so soft, and she had very prickly long hairs, like wires. It was a life-defining moment in some way I can’t explain.


[This is not a picture of me on the elephant.]

Last year we saw this:


They were very awesome. Too bad they can only afford one bike.

I love the art exhibits, the vendors, the fair food (OH the FOOD!), and the animals.

And of course the crafts exhibit. Who knew there were so MANY crafts? I drool over the quilts, the sewing, the knitting, the wood working…

But my all-time favorite part? The competition for…



This is last year’s winner with her winning entry.

Why is this my favorite? It’s just so weirdly, specifically bizarre in an all-American kind of way.

Hurray for summer!


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