Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Has a Potty Mouth

Hi, Anna-Liza here. Whoa, I can almost hear you saying, where the hell have you been, Missy?

Gentle reader, I have been in one of the busiest, most wretched times of a parent’s life–potty training. NO, not me! Mr. B!

We hadn’t been pushing it because he’s just recently started in a new daycare, but just before he left the old place, he began to show some interest. First, he saw one of his particular friends use the potty. Then, we managed to hit on the perfect bribe reward: plastic bugs. (We’d shown him the “big boy underpants” some time ago, but he wasn’t really interested).

So now we’re in that hypervigilant period where he wears big boy pants at home, and on short errands, but still wears diapers to sleep and at daycare. Yesterday, I was in the kitchen making dinner and he was playing in the living room, when I heard him say “Sorry!”

“Sorry for what?” I asked.

“For peeing on the floor,” he said, matter-of-factly.

So, we’re not quite there yet. We’ve moved on from bugs through dinosaurs and forest animals to little plastic knights. He gets a knight for every three pees or one poop. We keep track with stickers. “Mr. B’s Potty Chart” is now the major theme of our bathroom artwork. Being a parent sure does elevate your mind. And enriches your vocabulary, too.

There has been some knitting happening in between leaping up from whatever I’m doing to accompany my toddler preschooler almost-preschooler to the toilet. (Oh, and work and eating and sometimes sleeping and all that). I am about one-third of the way through the second border on the Lace Wrap (in the Fall ’05 VK), and it’s looking pretty good so far (touch wood with crossed fingers). I even finally found the end of the other border, so it’s possible I won’t have to add more yarn to redo that last six rows on the other end.

I was entirely unable to resist the temptation to cast on the socks for me in the Plain & Fancy “Heather’s Colors”, and I’m already more than halfway down the leg, using the “Harebell Lace” pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. And I am continuing work on all other projects … although I’ve totally neglected the Backyard Leaves scarf–it requires total concentration, and I’m trying to use whatever concentrated knitting time I have to finish the Lace Wrap. Oh, I haven’t touched Eris, either.

I ripped the original bucket hat, but I’ve cast on another one. Mr. R. and Mr. B. each picked out a color of Sugar ‘n’ Cream for their hats, and I’ve got Mr. R’s started. (He picked a variegated blue called “Swimming Pool”. I reaffirmed the existence of my inner 12 year old by giggling when I noticed the French translation: “Piscine”. It’s not new to me that the French for swimming pool is a vulgar pun in English –if you don’t read French, it’s pronounced like “piss in” with a French accent — but it has made me giggle ever since I learned it in 9th grade). For the record, Mr. B chose “Soft Violet”.

In other news, I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from work today and, while I was in there, the fire alarm went off. I’ll tell you what, they have a really effective alarm–super, super loud and flashing bright lights into the bargain. I would have been pretty impressed at how people didn’t panic or jostle to get out … except no one did anything at all. Nothing. People kind of looked at each other when it started, looked around vaguely to see if there was any smoke, and then kept on shopping.

Even me. I went and got my very last item, went to the express “self check” lane and paid for everything before leaving. And people were coming in the door, grabbing carts, as I left and the fire trucks rolled up. And the alarm was shrieking/flashing away the whole time.

I’m pretty sure there wasn’t an actual fire–I overheard a clerk saying something had happened in the back to set off the alarm. This was, however, as I was about to walk out the door.

Something similar happened at work–a couple of times, the fire alarms have gone off and everyone just shut their doors to muffle the noise and kept on working. Yes, even me.

You know, I’m all for calm in emergencies and not panicking and trampling people in the mad rush for the emergency exits, but I’m starting to think maybe we Americans are a little … weird.


One thought on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Has a Potty Mouth

  1. lyda

    Oh the joys of potty training. ALMOST makes the prospect of teen driving seem bearable.

    I agree about the weirdness of not responding to the fire alarms. When I worked at the hospital, people always responded to the other emergency alarms – everyone dropped everything if certain codes came over the intercom – but fire alarms were ignored. During drills, I often had to go into offices and labs and tell people, “Yes, you HAVE to evacuate, yes, you have to go NOW.”



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