Pollyanna Wishes You a Fabulous Fourth!

Lyda here. We are actually going to a block party tonight, so I’m going to do some baking as my contribution to the feasting. Other than that, homework and video games look to be big on the agenda today. And comforting Tommy the Sith Apprentice, who loves destruction but hates firecrackers. Or maybe he just objects to us celebrating our freedom, as he thinks we should all be his minions and serve him tuna all day long.

It cheers me up to remember that the Declaration of Independence was a radical document, signed by people who were branded traitors and fools. It sometimes seems to me that all the best people have been called radicals.

Here’s some fun history quizzes if you are in a quizzy kind of mood.

I did pretty good on the Ben Franklin quiz, because I read “Ben Franklin: An American Life” by Walter Isaacson a few years ago. Pretty different than the biography I read of Franklin when I was in elementary school. Isaacson’s book is a very good book about a very interesting man.

On the subject of books, next to the Franklin one on my bookshelf is “Sex in History” by Reay Tannahill. It’s about the history of sex and the relationships between the sexes, and how sex and sexuality have influenced human development. Thought-provoking and fascinating. If you can find a copy, read it. Every time I re-read it, I’m glad all over again that I live here and now.

My copy was a present from my sister, who wrote on the front page “For someone who has long ago identified the greatest joys in life – sex and food! May this only serve to enhance your enjoyment.”

No knitting to report, as I’m out of yarn (oh, the horror! the horror!) and I can’t afford more for a few weeks. So I will be working on the Impending Quilts of Magnificence (otherwise known as the Never-Ending Quilts) instead.

But I’m plotting knitting a scarf for my brother the Handsome and Available Engineer, who will probably be going to the snowy wilderness (otherwise known as Ohio) for two years to get his Ph.D. Does anyone have a pirate scarf pattern? I’m going to search online for this today…

Anyway, hope you have a great Independence Day! Celebrate freedom! Enjoy friends and family. Eat some great food. Maybe have some great sex.

And keep the fireworks far from the yarn, people!

Happy Fourth!


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