Pollyanna Searches for a Pirate Scarf Pattern

Lyda here. I mentioned my need for this in another post, but I thought I’d just put it up as a separate post.

 If I can’t find a pirate scarf pattern, I will make my brother the Wonderful-and-Available Engineer (He’s funny, he’s handsome, he’s educated! Call now! Operators are standing by!) a scarf in red, black and grey. Hopefully I can find some red/black/grey yarn that would knit up in a neat pattern all by itself… like self-striping or something… and a fairly easy pattern for it. He’s tall and I want to make him a good thick long scarf to keep him warm in the cold Northland (also known as Ohio) the next two winters.

But a pirate motif would be awesome for him. (He was into pirates before the movies came out, I’m just sayin’. Anna-Liza can vouch for that, I think.)

Any pattern needs to be fairly easy – remember, I’m still a beginner in the knitting.

And while we are at it, I need an easy mitten pattern too, so I can make kid’s mittens for donation.

And Tommy says, “Send tuna, I’m all out of mices.”


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Searches for a Pirate Scarf Pattern

  1. missharleyquinn

    ‘Stitch and Bitch'(The first volume) has a pirate sweater, but the motif might be able to be transferred over to a scarf and the book also has some great mitten patterns. I don’t know if they’re easy, because I’m still a fledgling in this knitting thing. 🙂

  2. lyda Post author

    Thanks for the lead, missharleyquinn! I’m still a fledgling too, so maybe I’ll ask Anna-Liza to check this out and see if it’d be easy enough for me. The mittens – those tiny needles scare me…

  3. annaliza

    Hm, if I remember, it’s a skull motif, not a full “pirate” one. I’ll have to track down my copy and see. And you’ll have to learn knitting by chart, missy. Somewhere out there on the internets is a pirate hat pattern that I remember as being pretty fun … now I have to remember where I saw it.

    You could chart out your own pirate pattern, too. Just sayin’.


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