Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Cheers as Another One Bite the Dust!

No, not another mouse. Another stereotype. 

Lyda again. Chatty lately, ain’t I? Too bad I’m not writing about knitting, or quilting, or even cats. Better yet, I wish I could post some pics of yarn (ahhh, yarn!) . Or a pirate scarf pattern! Anyone have a pirate scarf pattern?? Help me Obi Wan Yarnobi!

So, I was killing time until quitting time  catching up on the news and on my own time, ya’ll, and I saw this:
Study Finds Females Don’t Talk More Than Males

So there! I love science!

While I’m at it, I’d like to debunk a few more stereotypes:

Everyone in California is on drugs. Well, I can see how you would get this idea from the freeways and the preponderance of Paris Hilton on the nightly news (and possibly my posts), but really I don’t think it’s true. Of course, I am on drugs, but just legally prescribed medicines, nothing fun.

Of course if you count yarn and fabric as drugs… I’m definitely hooked. Thankfully they are legal highs.

Everyone in California is a liberal tree-hugging hippie freak. Sadly, not true. Just look at the Governator if you don’t believe me. Depressing for those of us who are liberal tree-hugging hippie freaks.

That’s all I’ve got for now…


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Cheers as Another One Bite the Dust!

  1. Kelly

    They must not have included Marin in that study about women not talking more than men! BAHAHAHA! (You KNOW I love you Marin!)

    I’m totally with you and Marly in your last post too. Pisses me off, but sadly, it didn’t surprise me.

    Oh hey! If you find a good pirate theme thingie let me know! I love pirate stuff! (Also way before the movies. Uh… how old is your brother? 😉

    fellow liberal tree-spikin hippie freak

  2. lyda Post author

    Hey Kelly, we hippie freaks have to stick together!

    Marin and I together would have blown the circuits out of their computers!

    Yeah, that’s me too: angered but not surprised.

    And my brother is 51 and fantastic 😉


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