Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine wants to be Nora when she grows up

Lyda here. Lately I have been digressing even more than normal for me. But I promise, this post will actually include knitting and quilting, with bonus cat stuff and everything!

I was on my own this weekend, so I went to the library and rented some movies. Free movies – I love the library!

I got two “Thin Man” movies to see again (I would have got more but the others were checked out.) (Hang in there, the knitting is in the next paragraph!) And as I watched them, I made a momentus decision:

I want to be Nora Charles.


She’s beautiful, she’s glamorous, she’s witty, she’s rich (rich, rich, BWAHAHAHA). She lives in a very glamorous Deco penthouse and has devoted and quirky servants to fulfill her every whim (again, BWAHAHAHA). She wears awesome clothes and is always radiant and thin. She handles high society events, lowbrow dives, and random gunshots with grace and style. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and her hair is never mussed. She has a witty charming husband who is devoted to her and adds excitement and spice to her life. And she KNITS! (See! I promised you knitting!)

Nora knits! Because knitting is glamorous and stylish!

Not only does she knit, but in “After the Thin Man” (the second movie in the Thin Man series), her knitting is an important plot point. Really.

And in the final scene of “After the Thin Man”, Nick and Nora are on a train (of course) and she says to Nick, “I didn’t bring any clothes.” She’s knitting as she says it. See why I want to be her? She has no clothes but she brought her knitting!

Nora has her priorities straight.

In Nora’s honor, I did a little bit of knitting this weekend with some truly terrible acrylic yarn that I found in the bottom of my sewing stash. I have no idea what I’m knitting but when has that stopped me?! Maybe it will be a kitty pi for the Tom cat. At least it keeps me from going into total yarn withdrawal. MUST. BUY. YARN.

Nora and Nick were great companions this Sunday, a day spent blissfully alone. I watched these movies while I worked on the Never-Ending Quilts  the Impending Quilts of Magnificence.

That’s right, folks – I actually quilted!! Alert the media!!

I worked on what will now be called the Frog Prince Quilt. It’s for one of Anna-Liza’s young princely sons. One of the fabrics has leaping frogs on a royal blue background. Frogs, royal blue, a prince – it’s got to be the Frog Prince Quilt!

When I pulled this out on Sunday, I had the squares for the rows pinned together in sequence, but had sewed only one row for this 9-Patch quilt. By the time I went to bed, I had completed the quilt top.

That’s right – the quilt top is completely sewn together! Woo-hoo!

Since I don’t have the batting for the quilt yet, I could not go any farther.

Perhaps I’ll work on the other quilt top this week. We’ll call it the Cosmic Prince quilt, since it has fabric with planets, comets, and stars. And because it is for Anna-Liza’s other young princely son. This quilt has the squares cut out, but I haven’t planned the sequence or rows yet.

Quilting is a weird concept. When you knit, you take yarn and sticks and make something new and whole. When you quilt, you first take apart something whole, and then make something with the pieces.

There’s probably some deep mystical significance to that last paragraph, but it’s Monday so I don’t know what it is…

As an antidote to the weirdness of cutting up whole pieces of cloth, I plan on some day making a Crazy Quilt – a hodgepodge of shapes and fabrics and trim and whatever you have at hand, sewn together however strikes your fancy.

I wish I had some of my mother’s fabric collection – I could have made a wonderful crazy quilt. Mom still had yardage from the dressing table skirt she made my sister and me when we were in elementary school. Fancy pink cartoon dogs! Oy! I’m sure my sister and I picked it out ourselves. But boy, didn’t we feel glamorous with a dressing table in our room – shades of Nora even then. [My mom made the dressing table from an old desk; she painted it white and added the skirt – instant glamour! My mom had as much style as Nora, ya’ll.]

But I digress…

Inspired by Marin’s   many many references to the movie, I also got  “Heathers” from the library, and I watched it after the Nora-fest. I’d never seen it before (yes, I have been living in a cave, why do you ask?). It’s very weird and wonderful. You should see it again. Really. It’ll be very.


And now for the cat stuff.

I have mentioned before that Tommy the Sith Apprentice, likes to assist me with my knitting and quilting.

This weekend, he chewed the horrible yarn as I was knitting it.

While I was sewing, he attacked the moving thread. (Thankfully the princes aren’t allergic to cats!)

And of course, he tried to steal the spool of thread forty-two billion trillion times.

Lucky he’s so darn cute, or I might be turning his fur into yarn.

Cat fur yarn.



7 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine wants to be Nora when she grows up

  1. Marin

    First, Lyda, step away from the cat. No good ever came from reaping housepet fibre. Unless you housepet happens to be an alpaca.

    Second, publicity! Yea! And I’m glad you liked the movie. Quotable, no?

  2. lyda Post author

    Hmm, an alpaca as a house pet. And I’d never run out of fibre again! Bwahahaha!

    On the downside, it would be more painful than a cat if the alpaca decided to walk across me at night.

    Yes, highly quotable movie. And the end has the best cigarette-lighting scene EVER! 😉

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