Pollyanna Takes the Last Train to Clarksville

Lyda here.

I might go to a free concert tonight here. Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees, ya’ll!!  I know, I’m a total dweeb. I don’t care. I’m a believer! I had my first crush on Davey Jones, but I also liked Mickey because he was the funniest one.

But I might miss this ’cause I am so very tired. My 2 classmates and dear friends, who we will call the Sexy Comedianne and the Playful Spirit, came over for dinner with the guys and me. The Sith Master and “Chuck Norris” played video games (of course) while we hung out in my kitchen and talked and cooked. I made my famous roast chicken plus lots of mashed potatoes (at the special request of my sons). My friends brought veggies and salad and dessert. Delicious meal, fantastic company, funny stories. We laughed until our faces hurt.

The Sexy Comedianne brought her camera and took pictures of those present, and after I begged and groveled, she took pics of the Frog Prince quilt and of the fabric for the Cosmic Prince quilt. And pictures of Tommy cat, the Sith apprentice. So once she sends them to me (HINT HINT!) I can actually post them. Exciting!

With all the fun and excitement, I didn’t get to sleep until midnight. That is very late for this Pollyanna, ya’ll, especially since I had to get up and go to Fabulous Temp Job this morning.

So I might not make the concert. I might go home and eat leftovers instead and fall asleep into my quilting… which my friends duly admired of course. Good friends always compliment your cookin’ and your quiltin’, ya’ll.

Next Wednesday: the Fab Four, a Beatles tribute band that is supposed to be really good, is playing at the same place (also free). Maybe I’ll be rested up for that one. All you need is love, love…


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