Pollyanna Quilts!

Lyda here. As promised, here are pictures of the top for the Frog Prince Quilt. We took pics of the humans too, but I know what you like: FIBER!

Well, I don’t have any pics of fiber, so you will have to make do with…


Here’s the Frog Prince Quilt – the top of it anyway:


We tried to get Tommy to fill in as Cat for Scale, who is too busy with the washing right now. [Hey Marin! Stalking you…]. 

Tommy was… less than pleased…


Um, moving on quickly…

Here’s photos of the fabric for the Cosmic Prince quilt:


I don’t know if you can see that the cloud fabric has silver spiderwebs over the clouds, which my friends the Sexy Comedianne and the Joyful Spirit thought was very cool.


Then we tried to get more pictures of Tommy who was being adorable. But as I’ve mentioned before, he just uses the cuteness to get close so he can viciously attack.

“Oh, look how sweet, let’s take another picture of him.”

sound of Tommy’s dual lightsabers activating

So, no more pics of him that night.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Quilts!

  1. Marin

    Hi Lyda! Always stalking you!

    BTW, Cat for Scale began meowing stridently when I showed him Tommy on the screen. I believe he was either saying he’d like Tommy to play him in the movie of his life (Cat for Scale: Tail of an
    Ham-Stealing Cat) or, “Why is there no ear scratching? I see two hands and no petting!”

    I dig the cloud fabric, but the idea of the spider capable of building webs between the stars… *shudder*

  2. annaliza

    Aww, Tommy was just looking tough for the camera. Wasn’t hims? Who’s a sweet widdle puddy-wuddy? Aw, yes dat sweet widdle Tommykins …. AAAAARRGGGH!

    Ahem. Sorry, got carried away imagining being there for the photo shoot.

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