Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Dances for Peace

Hey, Anna-Liza here.

Well, two thirds of my birthday weekend are gone (I’m taking Monday off), and I’ve done hardly any knitting. Lots and lots of sleeping, mind you, but not much knitting. You know what? Uninterrupted sleep is really underrated. How did I manage to acheive this elusive (for parents) goal? The kidlets were on a camping trip with their grandparents until midday today.

I do plan to knit. I am absolutely devoting time tomorrow (once the kids are off to day camp) to the Lace Wrap. Later on, the Knitting Sprite and I will be at the Boulder Cafe for Happy Hour (we may be joined by Ms. English Hotcar after she finishes work), and then we plan to find a congenial coffee place for sippin’ and knittin’. Or maybe we’ll just KIP right there at Boulder Cafe. Livin’ on the wild side, that’s me!

But I won’t be taking the Lace Wrap there, unless I actually finish it. Alcohol, chocolate fondue, conversation, the border of the Lace Wrap … I don’t even have to elaborate, do I?

Last night, Darlin’ K took me dancing. Not the usual thing, but to the Dances of Universal Peace. These dances are available in a lot of different places, but Colorado has the largest number of regularly scheduled dances in the country. If you get the chance, you should go check it out. It does sound rather corny when it’s described, but the actual experience is very beautiful, peaceful (dur) and calming. This time, we went to what’s known as the “Deeper Dances” at the Starhouse.

The Starhouse is up a fair bit into the foothills. It feels more isolated than it actually is. We started dancing on the dancing green at the top of a small hill next to the Starhouse. The view is amazing and one feels very near heaven there. After a bit, the wind picked up and there was a little rain, so we went into the Starhouse, singing as we went. (Lightning is a real danger here, and the guitars were getting wet).

The whole point of the dances is to create a point of commonality among all faiths. The opening invocation invokes the One, and each song/dance is rooted in a different spiritual tradition, always emphasizing the way each faith brings a different perspective, but all ultimately lead to the One, to Unity. Which is where everything ultimately leads, and it really doesn’t matter how much we disagree, in the end. (It would be good if I could remember that when I’m all het up about something). Oh, and no, I’m not Unitarian, either.

Wow, first I confess to being a Kan’nal fan, then the Summer Solstice celebration, then dancing with the Knitting Sprite at Gypsie Nation (or, wait, did I mention that? If not, Knitting Sprite and I went to the Gypsie Nation dance last week), then “Sufi dancing” (as it is sometimes known) at the Starhouse. I guess I am a hippie freak.

Except … when I’m not.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Dances for Peace

  1. Anna-Liza

    Gee, Red, mine too. Except that he figures I just tell him that because of that being married to him thing. I’ll tell him you think so too!

    I’ll be posting about the show he’s going to be in as soon as I get the details figured out. It will be in Boulder in August, four fire shows, all free (donations accepted).


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