Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Stumbles Back from school

Hi, Lyda here. Finally…

I survived my 6-day lab for school. But it’s so worth it and if you haven’t checked out the University of Santa Monica website, do it now. (I’ll wait… gives me a chance for a nap…)

Right now, I’m pretty spacey from all the learning and the spiritual high and the hugs. I’m tellin’ ya’ll, if you want to get lots of hugs, sign right up! The folks in my class are so yummy – loving on the inside and gorgeous on the outside, each and every one a 10+. (And the menz hugged me and kissed my cheek! MENZ!!!)

Something else was making me spacey too… oh yeah, lack of sleep, right. Intense 12-hour classes do take their toll.  Yesterday it was 7 hours with no meal breaks –  okay we had a 20-minute snack break. I WENT WITHOUT LUNCH, YA’LL. Alert the media! 

And since I’m not crazy enough to get on the LA freeway at 5 pm on a weekday – I went to dinner with some classmates. Turns out there were 20 of us – the restaurant was awesome about handling such a big group unexpectedly and the food was great. El Cholo Mexican Restaurant on Wilshire (near 10th or 11th Street). The food was awesome, they told me the drinks were great (the margueritas looked good, ya’ll, but I had to drive), and the pretty waitress was a saint. So go there and enjoy. But maybe don’t tell them the happy noisy people sent you. [When I got there, I told them I was looking for the people with the big smiles. The waiter said, “Oh, upstairs.” That’s us – the Smiley People!] 

Friday I had a late lunch/early dinner with a classmate at a pub… I’ve got the name here somewhere… hmm… I’ll figure it out and add it later… It had traditional English/Irish food and beverages (my friend had never heard of bangers and mash! I weep for our educational system… but I digress…).  There were a few pool tables and a foozball table, and wallpaper that looked like a library of books in the hallway to the bathrooms. Best of all, they had wonderful comfortable couches and chairs. If I lived in Santa Monica, it would totally be my local. Would be a great Drunken Knitters meeting spot. Or even non-drunken KIP – they were very cool with us not drinking (on our way to class, ain’t we good girls?).

I told Mary Mary, the friend/classmate who put me up for the week, that it was the best bed-and-breakfast I ever stayed at (not that I’ve stayed at many… or even one… but I digress…). Lovely woman, lovely home, delicious to only ride a few minutes to and from class each day. And I slept in her son’s room, with posters of young men surfing and skateboarding and playing volleyball. It was fun being in all that Teenage Guy energy for the week.

Last night, drove home after dinner and hugged Tommy the Sith apprentice cat as much as he could stand. I really missed that kitty, evil or not.

This morning I went out and viewed the devistation that is my garden now. I think the boys forgot to water it. I watered it of course, but I fear it is too late for the herbs. Hey, they fed the cat. And the house was clean and tidy.

But best of all, best of everything all week:

This morning my very own Resident Sith Master and “Chuck Norris” came tumbling out from the Sith Master’s dad’s car… They didn’t even seem to mind that I hugged them for five minutes each.

And then I was late to work because I was talking to them… oh well, one must have one’s priorities.

 Must go collapse now… more later… and I promise to tell you about the party too…



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