Pollyanna Loves Pollyanna!

No, not in an icky way-too-into-myself kinda way…. 

Lyda here. Let me ‘splain.

‘kay, I was stalking  catching up with Laurie and I read some of the comments on her Tuesday post. I always read every. single. one. of her posts without fail, but I don’t always read all the comments, ’cause she gets four million of them every time. And I’ve got others to stalk. [I’m generous with my stalkin’, ya’ll. But I digress…]

So, I’m reading the comments and making notes (great movie/tv/book suggestions!)…

And I start reading a comment…

And I’m thinking, wow, this is a great comment…

What great suggestions…

What a great funny insightful comment this is…

Why, it sounds just like Anna-Liza…



So this one’s for you, Anna-Liza.

I love that I know you so well that I recognize your voice from a two-sentence post on another blog. I love that you also still surprise me every time we talk.

I love that I am still learning from you, not just movies and books, but all kinds of things. I love that we can talk about quantum physics and then laugh about men IN THE SAME BREATH.

I love everything about you but the fact that you live so far away.

Stupid stupid mountains. All tall and hard to walk across…

I may be stalking Laurie and Marin.

But never forget I stalked you first.

And I’ll always be your most rabid fan. 

No matter how far away you live.

I know that some day 40 or 50 years from now, we will be sitting side by side in our rocking chairs, knitting in hand.

And we’ll still have so much to talk about and laugh about…

And you will still surprise me, and you’ll still be teaching me…

Possibly how to knit socks. By then I’ll be over my sock terror, right?

And ya’ll thought there wasn’t any knitting in this post!


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Loves Pollyanna!

  1. Erin

    But socks REALLY aren’t scary, I promise! Really and for true! (Though the resulting stash explosion may frighten the Muggles…be warned!)

  2. lyda Post author

    But… the tininess of the needles! I’m already a fiercely tight knitter. What if my socks made for adult feet only fit baby feet? And the counting… there is counting!!

  3. annaliza

    Wow, thanks hon! You know, I can’t do the same thing now … at least, not until you’re not expecting it anymore (heh heh heh).

    If you are a tight knitter, you just use bigger needles–hey presto! You got gauge!

  4. lyda Post author

    You are very welcome, and this is long overdue. (I was hoping to post such a tribute for your birthday, guess that will have to be next year’s project.)

    I can see me now, using bigger and bigger needles. Soon I will have to move to the wilderness and knit outside so that the needles have room to move.


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