Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and zombies, wizards, and Bruce – oh my!

Lyda here again. I promise, no spoilers or plot points on Harry Potter, in case you haven’t finished it.

I finished Harry Potter #7 Sunday morning. All I will say is: I want to read it again, and I hope J.K. Rowling writes something else. The Resident Sith Master and I decided that we will read the whole series yet again. I think we did this after #6 too. He’s already almost done with #1 again, for the third or maybe fourth time. Second son “Chuck Norris” is reading his way through the series too. [There, that’s all the stuff about Harry. You can relax.]

The problem with something so popular is the worry that someone will tell me before I experience it for myself. The problem with the end of a series is… well, it’s the end. I know I can read the books again, and see the movies again, but it’s still a bit sad to know that there won’t be any more on their way.

Thank goodness Terry Pratchett shows no sign of stopping! If you haven’t checked out his Discworld series or his other many books – well, good grief, get on it! He’s writing more as we speak! He averages two books a year (the man obviously doesn’t sleep); you are sure to find one to your liking. Personally, I love the Discworld stories centering on Sam Vimes and the ones about the witches, Granny Weatherwax et. al., but they are all good. My brother the Gorgeous-Funny-and-Available Engineer (going to be in Ohio this fall getting his Ph.D. – Ohio gals, don’t miss your chance!) sent me “The Truth” many years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Don’t start with “The Color of Magic” the first Discworld book, though. Start with one of the newest books; you can always go back and read the others. You can read the Discworld books out of order; he writes them so you won’t be lost if you pick one up at random. And don’t miss his children’s books (which are great for adults as well as kids) and other books, which are fantastic too.

We rented three movies this weekend. “Chuck Norris” was gone part of the weekend, so the Sith Master and I watched “Die Hard 3” together. He’d seen #4 (in theaters now) but none of the others. We wanted to get Die Hard 1 & 2 also, but someone beat us to it.

So, Bruce Willis. Sweaty and occasionally with shirt off. Great for me. Blowing things up and being funny. Great for son (and me too). And Samuel Jackson – bonus! Although he forgot his light saber

We also rented “V for Vendetta.” I’d never seen it before. I recommend it. Not for the littles though. Action and intense story with a good script, and yes, a message but a good one. How does Natalie Portman look so good with a shaved head? Bone structure, it’s all bone structure. Sigh.

And we also got “Shaun of the Dead,” billed as “A romantic comedy. With Zombies.” It’s a cult classic and where the zombies come lurchin’  into this post. I was concerned that it would be too scary for me, but the guys reassured me and they were right (of course). Ya’ll, this is so funny! A couple of scenes where it got a bit bloody, and one where it got gory for a few seconds (but still funny), but mostly good lurchin’ zombie fun. How many movies have zombies AND lots of drinking AND character development? Well, not enough, I say. This is second son’s favorite movie, and I can see why.

And that concludes our book and movie reviews for today. See, no spoilers.

Tomorrow: possibly more knitting.

But don’t hold your breath.


10 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and zombies, wizards, and Bruce – oh my!

  1. jane

    Lyda – You inspired me to continue my blog. I had actually decided to stop. AND today I figured out how to post pictures, so you must go see! Thanks!

  2. Marin

    I love Death and his misguided attempts at humanity. And the way he speaks in capitals.

    Shaun of the Dead – yea! I think I was one of two people (the other being my friend Jeff, who saw it with me) who actually saw this in the theatre. It’s how I spent part of my last Manhattan vacation.

    Would your brother like to move to Colorado? It might be good for me *ahem* and it would give you sort of one-stop shopping for visiting the nether side of the pointy, pointy mountains.

  3. lyda Post author

    Go Jane!

    Yes, “Good Omens” is great.

    I love Death too. Vimes: “Are you actually going to help me?” Death: “YES.” Vimes: “When??” Death: “WHEN THE PAIN BECOMES TOO MUCH TO BEAR. (pause) I REALIZE THIS IS PROBABLY NOT WHAT YOU MEAN.”

    Hmmm. Marin = smart, funny, good heart. Marin + bro = happy bro, happy Marin. Bro, BFF, AntiM all in one place = coolest place in Universe! Pointy Mountains bow down at awesomeness! I walk across!

    But first he will be in Ohio for 2 years getting his Ph.D… Mountains have time to limber up.

  4. lyda Post author

    Indeed, I would be pulled over the Pointy Mountains by the sheer magnetism of bro, BFF, and Marin all in one place. But, isn’t the Divide between Colorado and the East? I saw that movie with John Belushi. (Yes, I get all my geography information from movies, what?)

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  6. Anna-Liza

    The Continental Divide is west of Denver; about 1/4 of Colorado is to the west of it and 3/4 to the east of it. The eastern half of Colorado is part of the Great Plains and the Rockies take up the western half(ish).

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