Pollyanna hangs out with a delinquent crowd

Lyda here.

This article got my attention. Shesh! Junie B. Jones – she’s hysterical! And yes, grammatically incorrect and all the rest she is accused of. (Oh, I just ended a sentence with a preposition – come get me!!) Junie’s appeal lies as much in her flaws as in her virtues. Ain’t it the true for all of us? 

I find it weird that these people get so upset about grammar when there are so many other, more sinister things to be upset about.

Besides, have they listened to our president? (I mean his grammar, I’m not even talking about his name-calling.) Or seen I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER ? Or watched TV lately?

Who decided that Paris Hilton is a role model and Junie B. isn’t?

I’ll take Junie B. any day, ya’ll.

And she’s in good company. On the ALA‘s The 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books list for 1990-2000, I find so many of my dear friends. (And yes, that’s 1990, not 1890.)

Harry Potter is here, of course. And my ol’ buddy Huck Finn is still getting in trouble. (I can’t imagine Samuel Clemens would want it any other way.)

Also on the list: Judy Blume. Maya Angelou. J.D. Salinger. R.L. Stine. Robert Cormier. How dare they write about kids as if they are human beings? How dare they expose our deepest fears and darkest longings? How dare they challenge readers to think and, perhaps, even dream?


Jean M. Auel????!!!! Madeleine L’Engle????!!!! I know I am a delicate flower of the South, but now I have to smack someone. Hand me my parasol, ya’ll.

And seriously, how can you object to “The Night Kitchen”????


Oh right, nudity, heavens!

“According to ALA, at least 42 of the Radcliffe Publishing Course Top 100 Novels of the 20th Century have been the target of ban attempts.” 

I’m proud to say that I have read many of these books. It’s horrifying to think that the so-called PATRIOT Act has been used to subpeona library patron records. [Watch “V for Vendetta“, and see if it doesn’t give you chills of recognition.]

Think I’ll go to the library this weekend and check out some of these books I missed. Why wait until Banned Books Week (Sept. 29-October 6)?

Ya’ll wanna come with?


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna hangs out with a delinquent crowd

  1. annaliza

    You know I’m there, girlfriend. I remember when I was in high school and the new principal seriously suggested removing the Communist Manifesto from the school library … didn’t happen. She didn’t last long. But that sort of pseudo-thought is still common.

  2. KarenM.

    I hate people trying to tell me what my kids should or shouldn’t read. I find it sad that most of the banned book list isn’t about me anymore, it’s about my KIDS. Just how twisted do you have to be to believe that a STORY is anything more than a STORY. My kids know the difference between fiction and reality, just ask them. Whether fiction reflects reality, or takes them out of it is no matter to them, they still know the difference. Makes me sad that we judge all of our children on the actions of a few, and expect them to live up to an ideal that , frankly, never existed.


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