Pollyanna actually knits! Film at 11

Lyda here. Yes, actual knitting! Try not to faint, ya’ll.

Tuesday night I gave the pretty ribbon yarn a whirl. Hmm. Tricky for a newbie like me. The scarf is just garter stitch, but I only did a few rows before putting it down for the night. (The scarf doesn’t have a name so far. I don’t know it well enough yet.) We were watching “V for Vendetta” again, and I wanted to concentrate and enjoy being with my guys. So I picked up the Global Warming Scarf, which is so easy to work – also just garter stitch, partly because the yarn has so much color variation and is pretty this way, but mostly to avoid the Evil Curling Stockinette. And doing it this way is also helping me get my stitches more even. (And the sun was in my eyes…) This scarf is so much better than my knitting on the Random Rectangular Things. (I’m thinking of frogging those and making other stuff out of the yarn. Yes, I’m still dating the Frog Prince, why do you ask?)

On the ribbon yarn knitting, Anna-Liza came to my rescue (yet again), with the following advice in a comment on this post:

The ribbon yarn is Lion Brand “Incredible” (Lyda’s note: I got the “City Lights” colorway), and the Michael’s stores in Colorado have it on sale for $2/ball, too. Go get another one so you have enough in your stash to theoretically make another scarf.

You might possibly want to get a larger needle for the scarf, since you’re a tight knitter. Then again, knitting ribbon yarn is going to drive you entirely round the bend if you don’t loosen up–you can’t get the point of the needle under the yarn if it’s tight, since the yarn is actually flat!

Did ya’ll notice that? She says I should go get another ball of the ribbon yarn. And maybe bigger needles.

She and my car are working together, aren’t they?

Who am I to fight the power of the BFF and Obi Wan the Jedi Car? I went last night and bought another ball of the ribbon yarn. But resisted the pull of the shiny shiny needles (once again I resisted because the store was closing, not because I have amazing willpower).

And I looked at the Halloween decorations to cheer myself up. And went home and changed into my nightgown. And had popcorn for dinner and watched TV.  [Wow, what a sad picture. It wasn’t as miserable as it sounds, ya’ll.]

And got attacked repeatedly by Tommy the Sith Apprentice Cat, who apparently thought that being bitten would cheer me up (it didn’t).

And I didn’t do any knitting last night – knitting and popcorn eating would be problematic, yes?

Why did I need cheering up? Last night I got stood up for a semi-date. Harumph. Isn’t it always the way? You go to the trouble of shaving your legs and putting on your cute clothes, and the guy doesn’t show. Not telling you anything more about the guy, except his name is now Mud. He wants to see me Sunday instead. I’m thinking, “Next, please!”

I actually feel pretty good today, my “happy from school” feeling came back on the drive to work.

Notice to the eligible men in the Southern Calfornia area: Pollyanna of OC is now accepting applications. Flowers get you to the front of the line, but you will have to pass muster, and my friends have lots of sharp pointy needles. You’ve been warned.

Sorry, no film at 11.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna actually knits! Film at 11

  1. Marin

    Ah, August, when Halloween is in the air…

    It’s the shaving the legs thing that really gets me.

    I’m a very tight knitter (you may have heard), but the problem I had with ribbon yarn was in trying to untwist it all the time so it would always lie flat. I became obsessive, and when I become obsessive… well, I make Frank look devil-may-care.

    Don’t obsess about twisty ribbon. That’s my ribbon-knitting advice to you.

  2. lyda Post author

    Yea, Halloween just goes with the summer heat, don’t ya think?

    thanks for warning me about the twisty ribbon – that was already bugging me. I just have to let it be twisted. I’ll name it the Twisted Sister scarf…

  3. Anna-Liza

    The twisting is supposedly a “design feature”, so the colors and the shimmery effect are highlighted. There does come a point where I will untwist it, though. Even the non-obsessive can get fed up with twisted ribbon yarn.

    He stood you up (I assume this means he didn’t let you know ahead of time he wouldn’t make it) but still wants to see you? Maybe email him a link to an appropriate Miss Manners column.

  4. lyda Post author

    Good idea. Did Miss Manners write a column to “Mud, the Double Stander-uper”? Yup, he did it again today. Moving on now…


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