Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Endless Thursday

Lyda here. Geez, did Thursday have forty-two hours in it or what??

At this very moment at Chez Pollyanna West, the Resident Sith Master and second son “Chuck Norris” are well into Day 2 of their orgy of on-line Halo 2. I know ’cause they called me to gloat  ask a question. They let me play when I got home last night, so very little knitting. They talked me fast food and another trip to the video store to rent the newly-released “Hot Fuzz“, by the same guys who did “Shaun of the Dead.” Very funny movie with the same two main actors playing different characters. Great script, lots of surprises, very quotable. Bloody good fun! Hope these guys keep them coming. (Once you see the movie, take the Hot Fuzz quiz.)

“Chuck Norris” is leaving to go to New York. He may come back in September. He may stay there indefinitely.

It’s been so cool having him stay with us this summer. He learned to load a dishwasher, do laundry, and otherwise pitch in on the chores. And to get up and hug me when I get home from work.

The Resident Sith Master learned to share his room, his friends, and his chores. And how fun it is to share your life with a friend.

I learned to buy a lot more food each week and to live with more clutter, more noise, and more teenage testosterone dripping off the walls. (Puberty powers activate!) And that love is never divided; it is only multiplied.

And now I’m going to have half-an-empty-nest syndrome. Sniff.

We cleared their schedules this week for the final blow-out of video games, weird movies, and fast food. But I’ve been at work, and his #1 mom is claiming him this weekend, so last night was our last family night.

I think all this plus doing the month-end reports at work justifies having ice cream for lunch yesterday, don’t you? I knew I could count on you to agree.

This one’s for you, second son. You will always be welcome here. Come home soon.



2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Endless Thursday

  1. Morwynne

    So does “Chuck Norris” Know about the Chuck Norris lever on the Conan O’Brian show? Because if he doesn’t he would love it. And if he does, that explains the obsession.

    Hope you’re well! Major loves.

  2. lyda Post author

    Yes, “Chuck” knows about the lever. He showed it to me – and YouTube has a video of what happened when Chuck Norris visited Conan’s show – snort!

    I’m good. Hope you are doing awesome. Major loves to you too!


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