Pollyanna and the Wicked Weekend

Lyda here, with a baker’s dozen of Ways to Have a Wicked Weekend.

1) Friday night, the Resident Sith Master and I ate fast food. Delicious Wickedness.

2) Plus, we rented the first “Die Hard”. Bruce Willis, barefoot, sweaty and takin’ out the trash. Hot Wickedness. (Although I think he looks better bald, don’t you?)


3) Saturday, I cleaned the bathroom. Ugh. Nasty Wickedness transformed into Shiny Clean.

4) I also took a trip to the grocery store – lots of diet soda. Addicted Wickedness.

5) Then I used the fact that I was doing the laundry as an excuse to sit on the couch and knit.

But instead I took an unexpected nap. I slept about three hours. Lazy Wickedness.

6) Later I worked on the Twisted Sister scarf. So named because it’s for Diva-In-Training, the Sith Master’s sister.

And because of the evil twisting of the ribbon yarn.

And mostly because it makes me want to scream “No more Twisted Sister!” (Bonus points: Name That Movie.)

Knitting the ribbon yarn is definitely Crazy Wickedness. But not in a good way.

7) The Sith Apprentice Cat stages an intervention and sat on the yarn. Trying to save what’s left of my sanity. When I reached for the yarn, he bit me. Feline Wickedness.

8.) Today I had a breakfast date. I got stood up. Again. (Yes, it was Mr. Stick-A-Fork-In-Him-He’s-Done Mud. I know. My bad for believing his excuse last time. No more, I promise.) There isn’t a bad enough word for that Wickedness.

9) So instead, I sat out on the patio for my first diet soda of the day, and plotted Payback Wickedness. 

10) Eventually I noticed that my garden paradise was a bit less paradise than it used to be. My plants have been suffering from the heat and especially from the Week of No Watering (when I was in class). Wilting Wickedness.

11) I thought, “Hm, half an hour of gardening work and it will be wonderful.”

Three hours later…

But Weed-Whacking Wickedness was worth it. The garden is wonderful now.

12) I decided that my patio counts as a room, so I made progress on the CAP-inspired Deep Cleaning of the Century. But my hands hurt from all the work. So, Overwork Wickedness.

13) Later I watched episode one of “Craft in America” on PBS about crafting in America, with interviews and film of people doing all kinds of interesting artistic crafts. Inspiring Wickedness.

14) That led to getting out the quilting. I’m trying to decide on the pattern for the Cosmic Prince quilt. It’s not going well. The fabric is not behaving. More Fiber Wickedness.

Okay, that’s more than a baker’s dozen. But counting wrong is the least of the wickedness this weekend.

Ya’ll know.


10 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Wicked Weekend

  1. jane

    Your writing is delightful! Well, today is the day I promised myself to start the cleaning. So far I have managed to come up with enough things that I MUST do to put it off until afternoon.
    Heh heh heh [she laughed wickedly!]

  2. Marin

    in re #6: Gung Ho.
    in re #7: Tommy is desperately trying to save you from the stupid ribbon yarn.
    in re #8: Almost everybody deserves a second chance. Very few deserve a third.

  3. lyda Post author

    Jane, you crack me up! I love your wicked laugh!

    Marin, how did I know that YOU would be the first one to know the movie?! Hee hee. And yes, Tommy knows the truly evil nature of the stupid ribbon yarn, and is trying to save me. Because only HE is allowed to drive me insane.

    Yeah, no third chances for Mr. Mud. Bah humbug. Menz. Lately they are more annoying than stupid ribbon yarn…

  4. Red

    I got nothing done as I went to the mountains with the pilot for vacation wickedness. And now I am reading you instead of working. Slacking wickedness

  5. lyda Post author

    Hi Dausta! Thanks for the comment! Yes, I had to go to work to recover from the weekend… but then, they expected me to DO STUFF! What’s up with that?!

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