Pollyanna joins a gang

Lyda again.

At least I tried to join a gang. Haven’t heard back yet… 

Ya’ll, you just have to check out The Kidnapped Can Opener. So funny! Thanks, Rabbitch, for sharing this insanity.

We can even play along. (Hope I get in.)


7 thoughts on “Pollyanna joins a gang

  1. The Head Kidnapper

    You’re definitely in. We’re just awash in emails since Rabbitch posted and we’re having issues keeping up! Had no idea that we’d get 75 emails in one day…

    Preference on when to have the can opener? 🙂

  2. lyda Post author

    Funny, Red – what are the gang colors? I don’t know, have to ask The Head Kidnapper… I think a bad ass knit cap would be perfect.


  3. Head Kidnapper

    I think if everyone knit something with a skull on it, that would be appropriate for any gang initiation rites. May I suggest the “We Call Them Pirates” hat from Hello Yarn?

    But Black and Grey…the colours of the Kidnapped Can Opener…should be our official gang colours. 🙂

  4. lyda Post author

    Cool… I’ve been looking for a pirate pattern for my brother anyway, so I’ll check on the “We Call Them Pirates” hat… definitely black and grey!


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