Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, movie reviewer

Lyda here. Re-reading Harry Potter #1. Otherwise, this weekend is all about the movies. [I PROMISE, NO SPOILERS.]

In Mr. Rogers’ voice: Can you say “avoidance”? I knew you could.

Saturday morning we saw, currently playing in theaters nationwide, “Rush Hour 3 with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

Now, ya’ll know I have this crush on Jackie. See how happy he is to hear that?


I loved the first two movies of this series. So, it probably won’t surprise you that I loved this one too. Jackie and Chris seem to have a great time together. (Don’t ya’ll love how I’m suddenly on a first name basis with them? Yeah. ‘Cause we’re buddies. Yeah.)

I’ve noticed that Jackie has this thing happen no matter wherever he goes.

You know what happens to Gene Kelly in “An American in Paris“? Gene suddenly bursts into song, and everyone in the street joins in and that spontaneous choreography thing happens. (I would love for that to happen to me. Especially if Gene Kelly were singing to me. How awesome would that be? A man so crazy about me that he’s singing and dancing in the rain. Different movie, but ya’ll know what I mean.)

Jackie’s world is a bit different than Gene’s, but with the same jaunty attitude and the same spontaneous choreography thing. Jackie is going about his business, and suddenly someone attacks, and it turns out everyone in the street/cafe/factory is a multi-discipline black belt. (I would so not want that to happen to me in real life. Unless Jackie was there, of course.)

And they all seemed like such average folks.

So that was fun. The Resident Sith Master and I had popcorn, soda and candy for breakfast and lunch. Again. What the hell.

Later, we watched “Children of Men” which we’d rented. Action thriller, with a political bent, and lots of plot twists. Michael Caine is in it, always a good sign for a movie I think, and he is fantastic (as always, I love you Michael, call me!). And I liked Chiwetel Ejiofor, whom I’d never seen before. (And don’t ya’ll love her name!?!) Her role could have been one-dimensional and predictable, and instead she brought depth and surprising nuance to it. Actually, all the actors did that. Surprising movie, not at all what I expected, and I mean that in a good way.

Then, over dinner, the Resident Sith Master and I watched “300“. (He talked me into buying the DVD.) He raved about this movie (which he saw in the theater with his dad) and now I know why. Awesome movie with lots of very buff menz. Also has a fantastic and gorgeous woman in it, which I wasn’t expecting. And some short nude sex scenes. The graphic violence is enough to keep it away from the kiddies. Well, it’s a epic-battle movie, there is going to be violence, and this movie doesn’t sugar coat it, but it doesn’t revel in it. either. (Maybe I’ve been numbed by video games and “Shaun of the Dead”?) And the cinematography is very cool.

Friday night, we watched “Casino Royale,” with Daniel Craig as 007. I was resistant – he’s blond! he’s not Sean Connery! – and missed it in the theaters, but this movie won me over. Definitely in the running for Best Bond Movie Ever. Lots of Super Special Awesome Plot Twists! He’s the most buff Bond ever (drool), and this movie is definitely in the running for Best Bond Movie Ever. And Dame Judi Dench as “M”. (I love you Judi!)

Summary: Movies good. Jackie and Michael and Daniel and Judi need to call me. We’ll do lunch.

Today, our plan is to go see “The Simpsons Movie”, here at Movies R Us, so I’ll report on that soon.

And knitting. Ah, see how I throw that in at the last minute? Bwahaha.

But Homer?

Don’t call.



6 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, movie reviewer

  1. Anna-Liza

    Haven’t seen the new Rush Hour yet, I probably won’t see 300 or The Simpsons Movie, have to say that I loved Casino Royale. Yum. No crush on Jackie, but would thoroughly enjoy having him as SO of my BFF …

  2. Anna-Liza

    Oh, and have you seen Hong Kong Hustle yet? Totally funny, and that “spontaneous choreography of all the suddenly revealed multi-discipline high-level blackbelts” thing is completely and thoroughly spoofed, as is the usual opening “kata” scene … very violent, especially in the beginning, but worth it. One of the high-level multi-discipline black belts is a pudgy middle-aged chain smoking woman.

  3. Red

    Did it seem like all the nipples in 300 were really long? I got to see 30-ish so hot male bodies and the men in the audience got 2 pairs of breasts that are smaller and have long nipples. Kinda fun that it caters to females.

  4. lyda Post author

    Marin – yes, “War”… I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see a preview for it in all my movie-ousity, you’d think they would have shown that at the Jackie Chan movie..?

    Simpson movie – funny, but is it funnier than the TV show? Is it worth paying for? You could totally wait and see it when it comes out on DVD… or until they show it on TV. Unless you are a rabid fan like the Resident Sith Master (who NEEDED to see it, you see).

    Movie rentals in the past 10 days: 5. Movies seen in theaters in this weekend: 2.

    The hot male bods in “300” and “Casino Royale”? Priceless.


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