Pollyanna hangs up her Movie Reviewer hat (for now)

As promised, a quick review of “The Simpsons” movie. It was funny, and it’s always fun to be in a theater full of laughing people. (“Memories…” Sing it, Babs!)

But is it worth paying for? Meh. You could totally wait and see it when it comes out on DVD… or even until they show it on TV.

Unless of course, you are a rabid fan like the Resident Sith Master.

Movie rentals in the past 10 days: 5. Movies seen in theaters in this weekend: 2. Number of huge diet sodas consumed: Way too many. Amount spent on this movie mini-vacation: Uh, don’t ask.

Oogling the hot male bods in “300″ and “Casino Royale”, and the sex scenes in both?



4 thoughts on “Pollyanna hangs up her Movie Reviewer hat (for now)

  1. Jane

    You need a “movie pocketbook.” A special, BIG pocketbook, just for movies. Stop at a QuikStop-type-place before the movie for drinks and candy etc. Then only buy popcorn. Saves a ton!

  2. lyda Post author

    I’m with ya, Kelly!

    See, Jane, the problem isn’t the purse, ’cause I’m with ya there, and that’s what I used to do when my son was younger. But my time management skills have fallen apart. I just didn’t get my act together in time to make the stop before the movies.


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