Pollyanna does ABCs “…simple as 123..”

Lyda here. It’s okay, we’re done with the Jackson 5 moment, you can come back now.

Really. Come back. Please?

I’m doing a meme, ’cause it’s Wednesday, ya’ll. And a Wednesday without a meme is like a day without sunshine… or sumpin…

I got this from  “That’s so queer…” and Spinning Girl – so thanks!

Alphabet meme:

say I love you. Morbidly thinking I might not have another chance…

Birthday: New Year’s Day. For my 40th (2000), the world threw me a party!
Boast: My son says I’m still the silliest mom ever.

Constantly have them. Menz. How they do vex me.

Car: “Baby you can drive my…” Nissan Sentra, with Super Special Awesome Features. Air conditioning! Cruise control! Shiny!

Cry: “-ing, over you….” And at Xmas Halmark commercials, ya’ll. Dorkiness reigns here.

“… and wasted nights.”
Dream: “… a little dream of you.” Sometimes the casts of Star Trek (original series and others) and Star Wars are in my dreams.

Drug: “I want a new…” Chocolate, caffeine, sugar, diet soda… oh, was I supposed to pick one?

“… as A-B-C, 1-2-3, Do-Ra-Me, baby you and me!”

Eggs: Tommy’s favorite toy is half a plastic Easter egg. He usually defeats one at night while I’m reading, and then carries it to me in his mouth while singing his victory song. That’s right: My cat brings me Easter eggs.

I love all kinds, all nationalities, all sizes and shapes and varieties. All the tastes and textures and smells and flavors… Oh, what do you think I’m talking about? Yeah, that was about food. Totally.

Gifts: I love spontaneous, “I found this awesome shell and brought it to you” kind of gifts. Poetry, handmade stuff, silly tacky stuff that makes me laugh. And flowers. I am from the South, after all. (I hope the menz are taking notes.)
Gross: Teenage boy humor. But funny too.

“… flowin’, blowin’, long as I can grow it…”

Instrument: “That’s my body, in theater talk…” Snort.


Jail: Why, what are you sayin’?

Karaoke: I secretly love this, but am too shy to do it much. I’m such a dork.
Kicks: “… on Route 66.” I love road trips. Wanna go with?
Kiss: My first one was at the end of my first date when I was 16, and I had no clue. The first guy and I kissed again two years later – one of the best kisses ever in the history of time and space. Sigh. Cue Babs again.

Love: “…is all you need.”
All the time. Used to give me panic attacks. Doesn’t bother me much anymore.

Miss: When I was teaching, the kids called me “Miss Lyda”. “Miss Lyda” sounds like I work in a brothel. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it’s weird coming from little kids, yes?
Memory: “-ies, in the corner of my mind, misty watercolor…” I know all the words to tons of dorky songs. And I can recite the Gettysburg Address, and way too many lines from way too many plays and movies. And yet, I cannot remember what my son told me 15 minutes ago. Mind like a… what’s that thing, you drain rice in it…? (Douglas Adams again.)

No: “…more Twisted Sister!”
Name: “What’s in a…”
Never: “…Say Never Again”.

“…People”: Sad movie, excellent psychiatrist role model.
One: “…Singular Sensation, every move that she makes…”
Only: “… You, can make this world seem right…”

Doesn’t it seem like there would be 40 songs with “pain” in the lyrics? So, why can I not think of any?

Quest: “… Johnny Quest” (all James Bond-like. Snort.).
  (See “Dork.”)R
Reason to …:
 “You give me reason to live…”
Regret: “s… I’ve had a few…”
 “… Sung Blue, everybody knows one…”
All I can think of is that song that ends “TIME!” with the clock ticking. What song is that…?

Wait!!! I thought of another one! “If I could save time in a bottle…” Ah, dorkiness rating of 10 assured.

Unforgettable: “…That’s what you are…”
Virgin: “…Touched for the very first time…” Okay, you knew that was coming!

Wish: “…upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me…”

X-Men: Beast is my favorite. ‘Cause he’s a big blue dork like me. (Except I’m not blue.)

Yellow: “… submarine” C’mon, sing along…

Zzzz: This meme was really long, so I shortened it. A lot.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna does ABCs “…simple as 123..”

  1. lyda Post author

    *snort*. Those are two very different visions of Miss Lyda, Red and Anna-Liza. To me, it sounds like the woman who runs the brothel in the old-west town. “Welcome, gentleman, I’m Miss Lyda. Please hang up your 6-shooters and come meet my girls.”

  2. annaliza

    Well, that says more about your mind than the phrase “Miss Lyda”! And what it says is absolutely true.

    You could be a Southern belle-ish, soft-spoken dominatrix. I bet you’d get a lot of interest.


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