Pollyanna: Life as a Zombie

Lyda here. So tired. I will try to be witty  semi-funny  coherent tomorrow… “Tomorrow is another day…”

I’m slowly recovering from the lack of sleep of the Weekend of Homework Hell and feel almost human. The Resident Sith Master admitted that I looked a little less tired this morning. Yesterday everyone at work told me how exhausted I looked. When I got home, RSM said the same thing.

I looked in the mirror.

They were being kind.

Because of the exhaustion factor, I have not done any knitting or quilting this week. Or cleaning. Or cooking. Right now getting to the grocery store is the extent of my ambition.

Frustrating, because I’m “this close” to being done with the Global Warming Scarf. Really. Just bind off, add fringe, block. Okay, how do I block it? I mean, do I have to get it all wet, a little wet, or what? Wait, I have to tell you what yarn it is, right? I’ll go look… Dudes, I’m such a knitting noob. Okay, after researching my posts, I found the name of the yarn is Caron Black Magic in the Violet Sky colorway (a 50/50 blend of wool and acrylic). I guess it might have some directions on blocking on the band, huh? Noob noob noob.

I have 2 skeins left (some will be fringe for the scarf), and I’m thinking that I could make a matching Global Warming Hat – my first hat.

Help! Need a very easy hat appropriate for second son’s sister, a stylish 11 or 12 year old. This yarn is varigated, and the scarf is garter stitch.

And, do I have to get her head measurements or what? Which might be tricky since she is in New York state.

Alas, noob indeed. I hang my head in shame.

This weekend I have to buy yarn for the scarf and hat for second son “Chuck Norris”. And for the pirate scarf for my bro the Gorgeous and Available Engineer. I need to cast on for these projects, as they might possibly be Yule gifts.

Did ya’ll notice that? “I HAVE to buy yarn…” and “I NEED to cast on…”

Take that, Exhaustion! I will conquer you and live to knit again! Bwahahaha…

I was going to write about the book I’m reading, “Money Drunk, Money Sober: 90 Days to Financial Freedom” by Julia Cameron & Mark Bryan. Julia Cameron! Author of “The Artist’s Way“! I may have mentioned her once or a million times…

But I’m too tired for a full book review right now, I haven’t finished it, and there’s a 90-day program that goes with it (at the end of which my finances will be all shiny and wonderful!). And the sun’s in my eyes. There’s a hole in my tennis racket. Some friends came in from out of town…

But already I wish I’d had this book a year ago. Or even better, 5 years ago.

10 years ago…

And so does my sister.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna: Life as a Zombie

  1. Marin

    OK, about blocking:

    1) the ball band won’t tell you how to block it. Some ball bands won’t even tell you how to wash it.

    2) with that much acrylic, blocking is iffy. Acrylic doesn’t so much block. Generally, man-made fibres have too much memory to be worth blocking. The 50% wool might give you some room to block.

    3) Is it actually shaped wonky or curling or something? If it looks fine, don’t bother blocking. A lot of things don’t really “need” to be blocked (lace and individual sweater pieces that are going to be sewn together being major exceptions).

    If it’s just a little wonky, toss it in the washer (and maybe the dryer – check the care instructions) and see how it looks when it’s clean and dry.

    4) If it needs to be blocked, it probably doesn’t need full immersion and days of pinning and drying — it probably just needs some shaping. Get it wet (you can probably get away with a spray bottle) and pull it into shape, then leave it the heck alone until it dries. If Tommy leaps on it and wonks it up before it dries and you have a weird, cat-shaped whorl on one side, just wet the wonky part and shape it.

    You can probably also steam it with an iron, though I think it’s more time-consuming and difficult unless you just want to do a tiny portion. If you do, keep the iron an inch-and-a-half from the scarf or so.

    That’s uncomprehensive, but I hope helpful.

    As for the hat, I can’t think of a pattern off the top of my head (CAP’s Brangelina, maybe? Or check knitpicks.com or knitty.com if you don’t get a good suggestion), but hats are pretty flexible, so as long as you make a small adult or large child size, it shouldn’t matter that you don’t have measurements.

  2. annaliza

    Since there’s so much acrylic, and since this will be the first time you’ve tried blocking anything (if you do), don’t use the steam iron method. If you get acrylic too hot, it dies.

    CAP does have a really good basic hat pattern here: http://www.crazyauntpurl.com/archives/2005/06/easy_rollbrim_k_1.php

    Or go to her blog and scroll way down–there’s a button in the right hand sidebar.

    Congratulations on being almost finished with the scarf! I’ve got my own finished-with-the-knitting-now-I-need-to-block-it project, but this one absolutely has to be blocked. And it’s 6 feet long. And I need to go get pins. And there’s a hole in my tennis racket.

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