Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Waxes … Off

Hey, Anna-Liza here.

If you’re squeamish, or male (same thing a lot of the time), you may want to skip this one. I’m planning on some intimate girl talk. Just move along, nothin’ to see here!

If you’ve met me, or even read much of the blog, you’ve probably gotten the impression that I’m not exactly a girly girl. That impression would be correct. However, I can’t by any stretch of the imagination be called “butch” … well, perhaps you have a really good imagination, but if you got that far, you’re most likely falling off your chair laughing about now.

So anyway, I’ll paint my toenails because I like the way they look, but not my fingernails because they get too beat up and it takes too much effort to keep them looking nice. I don’t own a blowdryer and my hairdresser knows that if she evah cuts my hair in a fashion that requires one (or anything else other than a comb), I will immediately dump her and find a new one. I haven’t had to use that threat, by the way. She perfectly understands “low maintenance.” She’s also a knitter. (Her name is Amy, and she works at Urban Pearl in Boulder. If you ask for her and tell them I sent you, I might eventually get a free haircut).

But the subject today isn’t haircuts, it’s hair removal. I am a mixed-method hair remover. I don’t care for the way I look entirely the way nature intended, but I don’t care to mess about too terribly much with her artwork. I’m also, well, lazy. If it takes too long, is too expensive or too painful, it’s not happening. So, I get my upper lip waxed by a pro, I wax my own legs, and shave under my arms. My special lady area gets a simple, tasteful trim. But I’m considering changing my ways. Just a little bit.

My favorite place to go for waxing and the occasional pedicure is ten20 in Boulder. Their prices are good, they’re nicely pro without being snooty, and they have free M&Ms and Diet Coke. Or regular Coke for those, like me, who eschew the diet stuff. A little while ago, they offered a free brow waxing to anyone who had never had their brows waxed before. Being a brow waxing virgin and having fallen far behind on the tweezing, I thought I’d give it a try. I also had them do a lip wax at the same time, since I was due.

They have what they call “no-scream cream” available, but you have to show up about half an hour before your appointment for it to be effective. I didn’t have that time, so I skipped it. I had about one second for each eyebrow when I sort of regretted it, but then I’m not so sure I would want to use that near my eyes, anyway. And the lip waxing there is the nearest to pain-free I’ve ever had, so I wouldn’t bother for that.

I like the results, and I think I’ll go back and do it again. Getting lip & brow done at the same time is $20, pretty good deal. But I’m wondering … what about … other areas?

How painful is it to get your underarms waxed? I’ve hesitated because it just seems like it could be pretty bad. I still plan to do my own legs unless my income goes up considerably, but … well, anyway. Can I get some feedback here?

My special lady area will continue to be neat, but not hairless. I hate itching probably more than I hate actual pain. No one who has any business seeing that area of my body has requested anything different anyway. But I will note that, if you wanted to go try it at ten20, a regular bikini wax is $25, a Brazilian is $50. No, they aren’t paying me–I’ve just been pretty happy with their service and prices.


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Waxes … Off

  1. Marin

    Underarms hurt like hell for about a half-second. I’ve heard it’s not as bad as the lip, but I’ve never done the lip so I can’t give you an adequate comparison.

  2. lyda

    Oh, where do I start with this one? First, male = squeamish made me snort my soda through my nose. Then the whole butch thing make me snort again.

    The thought of waxing – ouch. Ouch ouch ouch. Makes me glad I’m not hirsute in the areas you discuss… I think about eyebrow waxing, but you know I’m too much of a wimp.

    Ouch ouch ouch.

  3. annaliza Post author

    I am actually considering giving up shaving my legs altogether. My leg hair is very fine and soft–it’s certainly not necessary from a “feel” aspect. It’s just that they’re dark. I might see how I like it over the winter, when no one ever sees my bare legs anyway, outside the home.


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