Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine plays with words

Lyda here. Speaking of messing about with the word “lobotomy”, and I believe we were… I came up with these and had to share with ya’ll:

Llama-tomy = brain trauma resulting from being separated from fiber for too long

Lambadomy = brain damage from too much salsa dancing

In other news….

The concrete brick wall is now five or six bricks high, and the tree is still standing. It has survived the disruption more gracefully than I have.

The Resident Sith Master’s friends started school this week, so it may be a bit quieter in the evenings now that they have homework too.

And this week’s official Best News In The Universe Of Space And Time:

drum roll please…

Second Son “Chuck Norris” coming home!!

He’s moving back and he’ll be here this weekend, although we won’t see him right away. I guess his “real” mom gets first shot… but soon, he’ll be able to visit, and then

Let the wild rumpus start!!


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