Pollyanna Posts a Ravelry Alert and Some Photos

Hey, Anna-Liza here.

I borrowed a friend’s digital camera and took a whole buncha pictures of my stash and my WIPs, and even a few FOs, although not every single one. So those of you on Ravelry? Most of those “no photo posted” notices are gone from my notebook–go browse to your heart’s content. My Ravelry name is Divina.

Oh, gee, a lot of you aren’t on Ravelry yet. Last time they posted numbers, they said there were about 19,000 people on the waiting list … No! I’m not taunting you! Or … yeah, okay, I am a little. I don’t want to overload this post, but I’ll start putting up some pictures for you not-yet-Ravelers, too. Since I still don’t have a camera of my own, I’ll spread ’em out a bit to make them last longer.  Let’s see … where to start.

Well, the little thingy I bought at the KnitWear event is a kit for a Fair Isle shoulder bag.

Fair Isle Purselet

It’s cute cute cute, and I’m loving the Fair Isle experience. I’ve even learned to knit English (clumsily, but I’m doing it) so I can have one color in my left hand and the other in my right. I’m actually further along than this photo shows–it’s a really fun project and it’s small, so it’s moving quickly. Oh, yeah, it’s knit in the round on DPNs, too. Love it, love it!

Karen M. requested photos of the Lace Wrap. It’s still not blocked, but here’s a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for the lace lusters …

Lace Wrap Border

I should be a pro photographer, no? The muddy colors, the fuzziness of detail! The wrap is a heathered olive green. It’ll look better once it’s blocked. I have to say I’m very proud of the borders–they were much harder than the main panel!

And last, a little archeological surprise. Somewhere there is some stashed yarn to finish this sweater, but I don’t know where it is. I only have one full skein and a partial in the bag with the sweater.

Pink Cable Fossil

It’s a cropped sweater with one big cable centered in the front and the back, out of bulky yarn. Yes, it’s hot pink. Get a load of the Lamb’s Pride label. The pattern is from Vogue Knitting Winter ’92-’93. I started it in ’93. Yes, I did. This is the back.

I can’t quite bring myself to frog it, although the cropped thing went out, came back in, and looks like it’s out again. If I frog it, however, I’ll definitely find all the rest of the yarn. Maybe a hot pink felted bag? Oh yeah, baby! With cables!


6 thoughts on “Pollyanna Posts a Ravelry Alert and Some Photos

  1. lyda

    Knitting pics! and more to come… you are such a tease…

    Why not a hot pink felted bag with cables? Although of course then you will find the rest of the yarn to finish the sweater…

    Wait, maybe a hot pink cat sweater??

  2. annaliza Post author

    I’ve actually almost got a cat shrug figured out, although I was thinking more of blue and white for my gray tabby girl.


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