Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the First Hints of Fall

Hi, Anna-Liza here.

Yesterday, I put on fuzzy slippers and a robe before going out to get the paper. Instead of flipflops. First day to do that since, oh, June. It’s official folks, fall is here. (Hey, football season starts tomorrow, so I guess you didn’t even need my “robe and slippers” benchmark).

I’m not as rabid enthusiastic as Marin, but I do like me some football. The kidlets haven’t really let me watch a game for a few years now, so I’m out of touch with what the Broncos have been up to (other than losing) for a while. I’m hoping that, now that they’re a little older, I’ll get to actually watch a game once in a while this season and start to get caught up.

(I like baseball, too. Ditto for lack of game watching and level of Rockies awareness).

Anyway, let’s take a peek at another WIP, shall we? Here is Eris (pullover version):


Looks pretty good, no? But wait, take another look!

Eris better look

Where are her sleeves?! I’m down to the boring, all-stockinette-all-the-time sleeves on DPNs, y’all. I am hoping to have this finished in time to wear it before next spring, but it’s going to take some good knit ‘n’ chat time to get ‘er done. The collar, the sleeve increases, even the bottom border were pretty darned interesting, but now my enthusiasm’s waning a bit. A lot. Hey, on Ravelry I have this one listed as “hibernating”.

So I think I’ll take Eris with me to the Boulder Knit Out today. There will be lots of knit ‘n’ chat time there, and people watching will keep me from getting bogged down in how dull the knitting is at this point. And who knows? I might even get one of the sleeves done! Yeah. Or not.

Not being a complete martyr, I will be bringing other projects to the Knit Out. I’ll bring the Fair Isle purse, the Cable Rib Cardigan I’ve started for Darlin’ K (and have exactly one inch done on the back so far) and one more I’m not sure if I’m prepared to reveal yet. Not because it’s so interesting, but because it’s sort of embarrassing …

Oh, okay, twist my arm. I’ve succumbed to Crazy Aunt Purl’s enticement, and I’ve started a cat sweater. Or, really, to be more precise, a cat shrug. Out of white baby yarn (sport weight). I’ve got one cuff and the first few rows of the lace pattern done. Yes, lace! She’s a very feminine kitteh!


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the First Hints of Fall

  1. lyda

    Oh, I can’t wait for the white lace kitteh shrug! Be sure to write out the pattern when you are done. Lace. *snort*

    You know that orangish yarn you gave me? I’m thinking it might get frogged from a Random Rectangular Thing and become a cat sweater.

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