Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Shares Happy Thoughts

Lyda here. I’ve always been a writer, and in high school I not only wrote short stories and newspaper articles, I also wrote a lot of poetry. Since I was Managing Editor of the high school paper, the Hoofbeat, during my senior year, I actually published some of my gems. Oh my, what was I thinking?  I had a lot of friends who wrote poetry at the time. Hanging with that artistic crowd, oh yeah. Come to think of it, I still do.

One of my high school friends wrote a wonderful insightful poem about falling into the habit of sadness, so she was going to write about happy things. I won’t quote her because I don’t have permission, but I think of that poem a lot.

So, inspired by her (Hi! We lost touch! How’s your life been so far?), and Anna-Liza’s post, and Laurie’s post about things that make life a happier place, and my own sick addiction to  inordinate love of lists:

Here are some small happinesses that fill my day:

1) Having my cat wake me up at night because he must purr in my face and be petted right now. Even though I know he’s a Sith apprentice and he’s trying to kill me with sleep-deprivation, I love his methods.

2) Waking up to a great song on the radio. Which I then sing the rest of the day. Oh, oh, you’ve got the best of my duh!

3) Sitting in my garden santuary writing my morning pages, and talking to the hummingbirds.

4) Having a few extra minutes in the morning to write a note to my son.

5) Talking and laughing with a stranger in the elevator.

6) Joking around with my co-workers.

7) Flirting with the cute chef in the cafe. Yummy!

8.) Getting a funny email from a friend.

9) Having my son come to the door to hug me when I get home after work.

10) Talking with him all evening about everything and anything, and laughing together.

11) Sitting on the couch knitting while he does the dishes. Priceless!

12) Climbing into bed and having the cat immediately jump up for some cuddling.

13) Reading a good book and getting sleepier and sleepier.

14) Falling asleep knowing that tomorrow isn’t Monday…

Of course, on a Friday night I sometimes get to:

a) Save the universe from evil aliens. With a lot of help from the Resident Sith Master and Second Son “Chuck Norris” of course. He’s back in So. Cal.! We are formulating plans to steal him away this weekend… bwahahaha…

b) Read a great book in bed, while hearing them laugh in the other room.

c) Fall asleep with the wonderful knowledge that tomorrow is Saturday and I get to spend it with my favorite guys.

Hey, the blog ain’t called “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine” for nothin’, ya’ll.


8 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Shares Happy Thoughts

  1. Marin

    I second the first (ha!), though Cat for Scale is not nearly motivated enough to be a Sith Apprentice.

    And now I have that song in my head again. That song is slowly, horribly becoming one of my favourite things. It makes me laugh every time I hear it, and lately I’ve been hearing it anytime I’m not at my own radio (my radio doesn’t play stuff like that).

  2. lyda Post author

    “not nearly motivated enough…” *snort*

    I’ve got it stuck in my head, so I’m glad I could share. Every time I hear it or any other cheesy tune like that, I replace the words with “duh” and think of you. Which means I think of you a lot. And snort soda everywhere.

    You just have that effect on me. Dude.

  3. Marin

    Is San Diego in Orange County? It’s not, is it? My California geography is limited to LA, SF and the far north.

    I’m going to be in San Diego for a couple of days in December, but I have a feeling that doesn’t help.

  4. Red

    Why is it when I’m unemployed and have LESS money I decide there are a couple hundred projects that need to be done around the house? Is this just a me thing?

  5. annaliza

    Hey Red, no it’s not just you.

    Marin, It’s extremely possible you and Lyda could meet while you’re in SD–it’s not that far a drive. Orange County is big, but it’s not that big, and Lyda has a car. Y’all could even go for a stroll on a (chilly) beach.

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