Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine says, “And the Blogstar goes to…”

Lyda here. This is so Super Special Awesome!

Marin awarded the BlogStar award to us. I’m still blushing with pride. And we get to pass it along!

It originated with Barb at Skittles’ Place. Barb created the award for bloggers who shine their light throughout the Blogosphere, with humor, creativity, or with their kind and thoughtful nature.

We have been pondering the gifting of this award for quite some time. Well, since Monday, which seems like a lot of time. We had difficulty making up our minds on the next honoree! Many blogs were considered.

But, as Anna-Liza said, “The obvious person, if she hasn’t received it already, would be Laurie at Crazy Aunt Purl–she’s hilarious and personal growthy without ever getting preachy. She’s one of the Big Deal Bloggers, and has a book coming out and everything.”

Your Pollyannas are nothing if devoted to hilarious and personal growthy without gettin’ preachy.

Plus, Laurie has a long track record (it would take you a month of sneaking around at work to read all the backlog – ask me how I know). She has posts about all the important stuff, like cats and knitting and weird bumper stickers and food. And healthy doses of humor and insight. She’s got GadZukes! In ties, no less! She’s got Gnomes! Gnomes!

Her blog is Super Special Awesome, and that’s why she gets this award.

So, the Coveted Blogstar award for amazing, inspiring and all-around fun blog goes to:

Laurie for her incredible blog, Crazy Aunt Purl

Where are we going Aunt Purl? And why are we in this handbasket?”TM


CAP seems like an obvious choice, I know. And some of you may accuse me of continuing my crazed stalker-dom. But the decision of the judges is final. So there.

And we thought it would be a nice boost for Laurie right before she starts out on her Book Tour Odessey. ‘Cause it’s Shiny.

And Marin already has the award, so Cat for Scale will still love me, yes?

It was awarded to Marin by Kim at Handeye Crafts, and was created by Barb at Skittles’ Place. Barb would like to track where it goes, so:

Laurie, please post on your blog with a link back to us and to Barb, and then pass it on to another deserving blogster. Everyone start buttering her up, now. Let the wild rumpus begin! 

Now all we have to do is make sure she knows we gave it to her… Let’s see, I commented on today’s post on CAP, and I emailed Laurie. That should do it, right?




2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine says, “And the Blogstar goes to…”

  1. Marin

    Cat for Scale will always love you. He is wholly dedicated to cat fanciers everywhere.

    Should there be a lifetime achievement award for CAP and the Harlot?


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