Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine is a Total Geek

It’s me, Anna-Liza

I just took the Geek Test. I scored 27.21893% – Total Geek. The range goes up quite a ways, all the way through Geek God to Dysfunctional Geek.

So here: i am a total geek

I scored a lot on theater/movie/sci-fi/books stuff, not much on computer-related stuff. See how you do! Theater techs get points!

Yours in geekdom,



9 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine is a Total Geek

  1. lyda

    I scored 38.46154% – I am a Major Geek.
    But I think there should have been more Theater Geek questions. I definitely should get points for knowing ALL the words to all the songs in 10+ musicals, right? And shouldn’t there be a bonus for having been stage manager? More than once?!

    See what a geek I am! I’m arguing with the Geek Test.

  2. annaliza Post author

    Darlin’ K scored less than 8%. In terms of cultural experience and proclivities, he’s not especially geeky, but if you’re using “quality of mind” or “way of thinking”, he’s really quite geeky after all!

  3. Red

    I got 27.81065% – Total Geek. I must have answered all the same questions as AL. But if there were theater questions this would be in the 50% range. I can do whole sections of scripts and blocking. Fear me!

  4. Marin

    Dear Anna-Liza,

    I am a Major Geek. Apparently, I’m 43.19527% geek. I don’t think I was even that much of a heterosexual when I took the “how gay are you” test.

    Thank you for bringing this home to me.

    I’m going to dust off my D&D paraphrenalia and turn in my Slut of the Month card.


  5. lyda

    Marin, no one says you can’t be Slut of the Month and a geek at the same time. Hmm, would that make you a Slutty Geek or Geeky Slut? Either way, sign me up!


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