Pollyanna Celebrates the Weirdness of Human Celebrations

Lyda here. Today is National One-Hit Wonder Day. This morning, the radio station was having people call in with their favorite one-hit wonders.

Ah, the weirdness of humans. We celebrate one-hit wonders, talking like a pirate, and horrible 70s fashion. Seriously, the same radio station was having a 70’s costume dance. How can you not love a species that is so fixated on its own trivia?

So, with fondness, I present today’s Weirdness of Humans: Weird Celebrations of Fall Edition.

1) September 25: National One-Hit Wonders Day

There is a website devoted to One Hit Wonders. Of course. Here you can find your favorites, sorted by decade. They also have a top 100 list, based on the song’s visits on their site. You know you want to look.

The songs range from the annoying (“Macarana” – Los Del Rio) to the stupid (“Ice Ice Baby” – Vanilla Ice), from the fad AKA “I’m not admitting I know all the words” (“Convoy” – C.W. McCall), to the sing-along (“Tainted Love” – Soft Cell).

Of course, for Marin, that would be “Tainted Duh.”

VH1 has a “100 Greatest One Hit Wonders” special hosted by William Shatner, which seems extremely appropriate. Remember his musical career? His versions of “Mr Tambourine Man” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”? Uh. Yeah.

But then, Derek and the Dominoes only had one hit: “Layla.” You may have heard it once or twice. I hear their lead guy is doing okay for himself.

2) According to this website devoted to weird US celebrations (you can print out monthly calendars so you don’t miss any!),  September is:

National Chicken Month.

It is also Pleasure Your Mate Month.

Ponder this juxaposition with your mate, and/or the chicken of your choice.

Do NOT send photos.

3) In other “Some of These Things are Not Like the Other” news:

October is “Go Hog Wild – Eat County Ham” Month


Vegetarian Month.

4) October 2nd is Phileas Fogg’s   Wager Day. Good day to watch one of the many movie versions of “Around the World in 80 Days” (one of my favorites stars Jackie Chan). Or heck, really go nuts and read the book by Jules Verne.

5) October 30th is Haunted Refrigerator Night. Scary, kids!

6) November is National Impotence Month. There’s even a quiz on this site. Bummer, a whole month. No wonder we all eat too much at Thanksgiving.

7) November also contains National Fig Week (Nov. 1-7). Because you just can’t cram all the figgy goodness into one day, ya’ll. Here’s a kind of funny article about it.

8.) The first Thursday in November is National Men Make Dinner Day. Check out the rules for this important holiday. Also, wondering if this is in any way related to #6… Hmmm….

9) November 4th is National Chicken Lady Day. Yes.

National. Chicken. Lady. Day.

How many Chicken Ladies are there, nationally speaking??

Well, apparently the day is for this Chicken Lady, author and motivational speaker.

Who has no relation to this Chicken Lady from the “Kids in the Hall” and “Saturday Night Live” shows.

Or to this Chicken Lady running for mayor of Key West. Or this Chicken Lady  who used to dress up her chickens for tourists in Rhode Island. Or to this Chicken Lady blogger. Or to this Chicken Lady who rides his bike for charity. Or to these Chicken Lady ceramic sculptures.

Why are so many people known as the Chicken Lady?

The mind boggles.

10) November 19th is “Have a Bad Day” Day. Probably not the day to get married. Your beloved might turn out to be a Chicken Lady. I’m just sayin’, is all.

It was so hard to choose just 10 weird celebrations, I had to limit myself to the next two months. Ya’ll, I could have done a Top Ten Chicken Ladies list, and that is seriously weird.

We will revisit this so that we can enjoy all the important national celebrations in the months to come. Look for the Weird Celebrations to be a recurring seasonal ‘Weirdness of Humans” thing.

Perhaps it will even become a leif motif for the blog.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go look for chicken…

No, I’m not going to become a Chicken Lady.

It’s just lunch time, ya’ll.

Hey, it is National Chicken Month!


7 thoughts on “Pollyanna Celebrates the Weirdness of Human Celebrations

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  2. Marin

    Tainted Duh… I was giggling so hard to myself here in my little crane-view office that I attracted the attention of my neighbours in the office.

    If they didn’t already think I was crazy, the, “Tainted… DUH! *gigglesnortsnarf*” clued them in.

  3. lyda Post author

    *gigglesnortsnarf* pushed me over the edge into my own *gigglesnortsnarf*!

    Yeah, I love the months’ specialities following eacht other… can’t wait to see if December is National Be Selfish in Bed Month…

    “Ohhh, tainted Duh!” *snortsnortguffaw*

  4. annaliza

    Please, be very careful around those chickens–I would hate to have to do a Chicken Lady intervention.

    Oh, thanks for the earworm.

  5. lyda Post author

    Thank jebus – I know you WOULD do a Chicken Lady intervention on me if I needed it. (Just to be sure, I had sugar instead of chicken for lunch…)

    Earworm?? Confused now…


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