Pollyanna wants to play!

Lyda here. Where is everybody? No new posts on your blogs…

I bet you are all playing on Ravelry.

Fine. Be that way.

I’ll just sit in the corner and eat my hair.

I don’t need anything.

Except this lamp…


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna wants to play!

  1. annaliza

    Marin posted! Read her instructions carefully! Don’t eat your hair–it’s too pretty! More exclamation points later when I’m done playing on Ravelry! (Not! Need to upload pictures!)

  2. lyda Post author

    Marin, for all you do, this thermos is for you…

    Anna-Liza – “Read her instructions carefully!” *snort* Can I follow some of them too? Pretty please!!
    Yes, upload pictures! Read my newer post! See tribute to you in it! Use more exclamation points!

  3. Jane

    I really haven’t been around, and I have missed it. I stay after school until late and then come home and crash. I am attempting to post some pictures though.


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