Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Is a Zombie Mama

… or would that be “zombie’s mama”. Not sure.

Anna-Liza here. I got an email from Darlin’ K today saying, “Congratulations. Your oldest son is a Professional Zombie.”

See, Number One Son is a lighting tech. You know, the people who set up, hang, and operate the lights for music acts and other shows. He’s done lights for the Indigo Girls, Earl Scruggs, the B-52s and Ted Nugent, among many others. He gets to hear about odd little gigs, being in the business.

So when Elitch Gardens (our local large amusement park, for those outside the Denverish area) put out a casting call for zombies, he went. They have people wandering around the park during October, leading up to Halloween, dressed and acting like zombies. Apparently, there are even different varieties of zombies, based on different zombie movie parameters.

And they hired him. He says the guy doing the auditions was really impressed by his zombie skillz. He was 99% assured of the job after the first audition. Yes, you read that right. They had to get through two auditions to make the gig. Apparently there are quite a few mediocre zombies out there, and Elitch’s wants only the best.

I’ll do my best to get a picture of him in zombie drag, but I make no promises.

I’m so proud. (sniff)


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Is a Zombie Mama

  1. lyda

    His resume:
    Impressive Zombie Skilz
    Playing with Fire

    (He spins fire some too, right?)

    I’d hire him! Always good to have an Impressive Zombie around!

  2. annaliza Post author

    Yes, he does spin fire. Some people think he looks a bit intimidating, but he just looks like a skinny Irish kid to me. (You can’t tell he has any Asian in him at all!)

  3. lyda

    Is he still as funny as he used to be? He could crack me up with just an eyebrow tilt… he totally gets that from you, ya know!

  4. annaliza Post author

    Yes. Yes, he is. Not so sure it’s me he gets that from–his dad’s pretty funny, too. Must be that British thing.


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