Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine’s Mental Health Tips – Shiny!

Lyda here.

Today is National Depression Screening Day. No, really it is. You can take a quiz to see if you are depressed, and then you can talk to your boss about it. But somehow I don’t think that will cheer you up. You could try therapy and medication.

But first, I offer for your consideration the Happiness Factor.

And second, the following:

a) Keeping your brain active and engaged can help your mood. For example, counting:


One alpaca, two alpacas, three alpacas… three and one-half alpacas. Ahahah!

See, don’t you feel better already?

b) Exercise is a mood-lifter, according to this. it says, “The therapeutic benefits of exercise increase with intensity.”


So, spin faster!

Or try some dancing.


That would lift my mood, ya’ll.

c) I’m happy to report that you can also eat your way to happiness. At least, there are foods that make you feel great, according to this. Popcorn, hot cocoa, chocolate – I’m loving this link. And I would just like everyone to note that one of the foods featured is:


That’s right, that’s diet soda there, folks. So there, coworkers!

d) A good support network is good for your mental health. Like this:


Knit in Public Day, Chicago style

e) Make time for your favorite things.

For Marin, one of those would be:


f) And of course, laughter is the best medicine. So read funny books. “That is not my cow.”

See funny movies. “Oh, I don’t know, it could be worse.” “How?! How could it be worse?” “It could be raining.”

Laugh with friends. Drunken Knitting anyone?.

Sing out loud. “Oh-oh, you got the best of my duh!”

Read funny blogs. 

And if you don’t laugh at the antics of Crazy Aunt Purl, Anti M, and Franklin and Delores

Well, then, that’s probably a warning sign.

I suggest wine, Mel Brooks movies, and the fuzzy crack of your choice.


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine’s Mental Health Tips – Shiny!

  1. lyda Post author

    I’m really not sure what those alpacas are doing… I thought it was weird, so of course I had to share.

  2. Marin

    I think those alpacas are trying to get to four full alpacas the old-fashioned way.

    Lookat all the pretty cranes…

    Oh, Lyda… imagine — just imagine — how much I love you. OK, multiply times ten. Now you’re getting closer.

    I’ll duh you twice as much tomorrow…


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