Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Becomes a Field Hand

Hi, Anna-Liza here.

A couple of weeks ago (it took me this long to get the pics on the computer), my family and I joined several other families and went out the the Harvest Festival at Miller Farms. It was really fun and also very, very tiring. But I should ‘splain. No, that would take too long. I will sum up.

We went on a hayride. We stopped at various fields, where our driver told us what was there and where we could pick. We’d get two big plastic bags–the kind that holds 5 pounds of potatoes–per paid ticket. Per stop. That meant 6 bags for us at each stop. We stopped for potatoes, sweet corn, tomatoes & peppers, carrots, cabbage, and red beets. Thus:

The field hands start young.   corn-rows-edit.jpg   veggie-loot-edit.jpg  

There were things to ride:

Mr. B in the tractor-train k-legs-toy-train-edit.jpg mrr-tractor-edit.jpg

And things to climb:

r-king-of-the-mtn-edit.jpg  b-haystack-king-edit.jpg bthebug-edit.jpg

And interesting faces:

b-blue-tongue-edit.jpg  r-blue-tongue-edit.jpg  hey-good-lookin-edit.jpg

(The blue tongues are from snow cones).

In addition to the hayride/veggie picking feature, they had a giant pile o’ dirt, a giant pyramid of haybales, and a giant bug (each pictured above), a bouncy house/slide, a petting zoo, and a track to ride pedal-powered “tractors” around. We spent the whole afternoon, the kids had a blast, and we came home with over 100 pounds of veggies.

Here’s something to think about–more than 20 of us paid $10 each for the privilege of doing work that a lot of farmers can’t find workers to do for pay. I think the folks running this place are pretty darn smart.

Knitting content forthcoming!


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Becomes a Field Hand

  1. lyda

    Oh my, your boys are so adorable. I bet they had three pounds of hay and dirt on them by the end, but how fun! Is it wrong that my favorite picture is the one of your very tall husband in a very small cart?

    Everyone to Anna-Liza’s to peel potatoes! C’mon, folks!

  2. annaliza Post author

    Wow. You completely missed the movie reference! (It comes before any pictures). And no, it’s not wrong. I love that picture!

  3. lyda

    Did not miss movie reference. “Princess Bride”! Laughed at it, forgot to mention it in comment… I will sum up: brains fried, blaming Hormones from Hell.


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